What Can Be Done to Protect the Power Grid?



It’s no secret the the power grid in the United States is at risk.  Between aging equipment and poor security, a major power outage is more a matter of when than if.

Power Grid Failure: Local And External Threats

Finally, some parts of the government are taking action.  The military in particular is stepping up, by beginning to make bases more self-sufficient, so they’re not reliant on the civilian power grid.

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These threats to America’s power grid are enough to convince preppers like you and me to consider going completely off the system. Having your own electrical power source ensures that you do not have to depend on any electric company. This means that your home will not be affected by any outage and there won’t be any electric bill to give you stress.

However, converting your home to be completely independent from the power grid will take a lot of effort as well as a substantial chunk from your savings. Energy conservation is going to be something for the family to practice. It is important to remember that the energy that you are used to may not be possible for your system to provide. Apart from being expensive, some states do not give rebates, tax credits and other incentives to off grid systems.

Being independent from the power grid system does have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But when SHTF the situation changes completely. Life would be much more bearable when your most important appliances still work when the grid is down. Ultimately your chances of surviving TEOTWAWKI could be increased, which is of course what preparedness is all about. Difficult as it may seem today, having your own off grid system will turn out to be a wise decision for when that dreaded day arrives.

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