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Prepper Survival Plan for Beginners and Advanced



Prepper survival plan information is being provided by the latest Special Report from, the Prepper’s Playbook. It is the A to Z guide for preparing, surviving, and thriving no matter what sort of disaster or crisis might happen.

Designed to include nothing but the facts about emergencies and address the most practical ways to prepare for them, the Prepper’s Playbook does more than any kit, tool, or food ration. It provides a comprehensive plan for individuals and families to create and practice. That way, when a hurricane hits or the power grid fails, owners of the Prepper’s Playbook will put their knowledge to action.

Survival Life’s Managing Editor, ‘Above Average’ Joe, was the mastermind behind the Prepper’s Playbook. His inspiration came from the ordeal his family experienced in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Stuck in a storm shelter after an evacuation attempt proved futile, his loved ones spent more than a week with no power, no running water, and a small emergency food and water supply. Ever since, Joe has devoted his time and energy towards wise prepping and practical ways to survive.

The Prepper’s Playbook shows people exactly what’s needed to survive during and recover after a disaster. The guide advises on ways to recognize the changes in people after a disaster, how to spot troublemakers and diffuse tough situations. Most importantly, it shares the information necessary for people to rest calmly, knowing they’ve become as prepared as they can possibly be.

Joe wrote the Prepper’s Playbook to serve as a checklist of supplies, skills, and facts that will help increase the chances of a comfortable and successful survival. People can’t expect to buy a bug out kit and fill a few gas cans and achieve total readiness. They need to add to their knowledge set every day, practice their survival skills, and establish a thought out plan that leaves no gaps or holes.

This Special Report will go a long way in providing peace of mind and a calm reassurance that families can survive any disaster. Access the information and gain the ultimate prepper survival plan with the Prepper’s Playbook.

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