Man Survives Yukon Winter in Camper Van

Cud Eastbound is one hell of an adventurer for a musician and a filmmaker. Be amazed with this survival story of a winter in Yukon and how he posed as an architect for his own winter-proof camper van.



How did this man survive an entire winter in the Yukon living in a camper van?  What would have you done if your car died in a place that could reach temperatures below negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit?  Well, the first thing that would have crossed my mind is to look around if any of the locals would allow me to stay for the winter.  But there are thinking people who want to experience life in a different way.  People who’d rather see if something can be done out of the ordinary.  Check out this amazing and inspirational survival story.

Winter Camper Van Survival Story

Would you spend an entire winter in Canada’s Yukon Territory? How about in a camper van (without a kitchen)? Filmmaker and musician, Cud Eastbound, recently did just that. He and his 1977 Dodge Tradesman Camper Van arrived in Dawson City, Yukon after traveling through Canada for two months. Winter temperatures in the Yukon can reach -68 degrees Fahrenheit, so how did Cud intend to live in his Camper Van?

Watch this video of how winter in Canada looks like!

Discover how Cud Eastbound designed his own survival home to get through the winter.

Wooden Stove

Wooden Stove | Man Survives Yukon Winter in Camper Van

The first critical task was to find a way to heat the camper van. The solution? He built a wood stove before he left Halifax that fit perfectly in his van.

Insulating the Van

Next, he needed to figure out how to keep the heat inside the van.

“I was not keen on using traditional insulation because at that point I might as well just build a little shack, so I came to the conclusion that straw bales would be my best bet”, Cud writes on his website.

Minimize Permafrost

Cud and a friend set about clearing an area to make room for the camper van. They then laid 2″x 6″ pieces of wood on the ground and creating a platform for the van to sit on.  The idea was that parking the camper van on the raised platform would minimize permafrost from reaching the van. When the van was in place Cud installed the wood stove he had made back home in Halifax. The chimney is triple lined and was rebuilt twice to make it just right.

How many people would go out of their way to set out on a risky situation?  Apparently, Cud’s survival skills were displayed not only because he needed it, but also because he wanted to do it his own way.  I could have left the van and ought for an easier way to survive the winter if it happened to me.

Man Survives Yukon Winter in Camper Van

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  1. Jeff Harron

    November 15, 2015 at 10:22 AM

    One of my favorite shows on TV is “Alaskan Bush People”

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  4. Sheri

    December 4, 2016 at 8:46 AM

    My husband took me into the outback for a camping trip. I pointed out to him that there was a Lodge with rooms to rent just up the road. Bed, hot shower, continental breakfast.

    • Dean Ervay

      December 4, 2017 at 7:23 AM

      sounds to me like you want to camp at the Holiday Inn instead of trying camping with your Husband in the woods Dean

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