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Trap For Your Life: Part 10 | Make Your Own Water Trap



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Minnows and crayfish can be a great source of protein in a survival situation. Follow this tutorial to construct your own DIY water trap.

Trap For Your Life: Part 10 | Make Your Own Water Trap

Now that you have been able to construct all the simple land traps, let’s focus on some water traps.

Crayfish and minnows are a great source of protein, and these little critters are easy to trap. All you need is a plastic water bottle. If you already have a plastic water bottle, hold onto it. If not, you may have to look for one washed up on shore. All kinds of trash may wash ashore at the shore/bank of a creek, river or large lake, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one.

Why do you need a water bottle? Well, you can use your water bottle to make a minnow/crayfish trap called the funnel trap. This trap is very easy to construct — all you need is that bottle and a knife. You may also want to find yourself some insects or worms to use as bait to lure the minnow or crayfish into the trap. Finding insects can be done by looking under logs or rocks (and if you are desperate, you can eat them too!)

Let's get started!

Supplies you'll need for your DIY water trap:

  • A knife
  • A plastic water bottle or two-liter bottle
  • Some insect or worms
  • A body of water

How to make your DIY water trap:

Make Your Own Water Trap

Step 1: Take your plastic bottle and cut off the top using your knife.

Step 2: Cut off the top part of the bottle (the part you drink from).

Step 3: Take the upper half and turn it over. Stick it into the lower half of the bottle.

Step 4: Place the insects or worms in the bottle. Put the trap in the water.


How simple was that? Super easy trap! This trap traps the crayfish and minnows by luring them in with the bait. They make their way into the trap and they cannot get back out.

I would recommend setting this trap on its side and attaching weight (rock) to it so it does not float away. You can use your shoe laces or paracord to tie the trap to a weight.

Trap For Your Life Part 10 Make Your Own Water Trap

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