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How To Prepare For Lockdown 2.0



Is COVID Lockdown #2 Imminent?

We've almost reached the end of the year and still, the coronavirus pandemic remains. No one is still safe from it. In fact, a number of countries are facing lockdown 2.0. Will America follow suit?

What Will Happen in Lockdown 2.0?

Lockdown 2.0 is already happening in places like the UK and Italy. These governments have made the decision that the risks of rapidly rising COVID cases are more dangerous than the consequences that come from locking down whole nations for the 2nd time.

In Italy, people are not taking to it without resistance. There have been riots in the streets as the people voice displeasure over the fact that lockdowns affect things like income, schooling, and overall quality of life.

Americans are watching from afar and wondering if the same type of lockdown is going to come back in this nation, too.

Marion County, Indianapolis

The latest round of restrictions to hit the American public comes strong and could be a blueprint of what to expect next.

Nightclubs, bars, and venues are getting a massive cut in capacity to 25%. Not sure how a business can sustain that, but this might be a new game where they cannot lock us down again but they can force societal shutdown by limiting capacity to the point where no business owner can afford to keep the doors open.

Face to face learning will end in Marion County on November 30th due to an increase in child infections above 13%.

Gyms, religious services and assisted living facilities are all facing steep new restrictions and these regulations work us a little closer to what could become lockdown 2.0

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays | Is COVID Lockdown #2 Imminent?

There are places like Canada where the governments are taking Draconian measures to assure that family gatherings are limited during the holidays. This is about as crazy as it gets when you start talking about keeping people from their families during the holidays.

There will be “good Samaritans” that will undoubtedly call the authorities on families that have too many people over and are having too much fun. When we turn on each other, that is when things get particularly dire. That was the case in California during the first lockdown where people were being encouraged to report others.

Here in America, the CDC is suggesting we lay low when it comes to our own holiday gatherings. Of course, they can only suggest that we do these kinds of things.

That is what makes America what it is. It feels good when a government can only suggest the next best move rather than impose it with impunity.

How to Prepare for Lockdown 2.0

Hopefully, you can take what you learned from the first lockdown and take action now. Be more prepared to avoid being in a bad position again. Here are some of the biggest changes we made when preparing for the first lockdown that better prepared us for what could have been in the year 2020.

1. Home Schooling

Home Schooling | Is COVID Lockdown #2 Imminent?

If the cases keep going up the children are going to be at home. Schools are going to have to act quickly to prevent gaps in learning and that is probably going to result in…well…gaps in learning. Don’t wait to react, you need to prepare for the fallout now.

You do not have to invest in hundreds of dollars of curriculum to become a homeschooling parent, but you should have some supplementary assignments and learning materials for your child if they are propelled out of the school and back to online learning.

2. Chest Freezer

If you haven’t, you really should. Get yourself a chest freezer that will allow you to store much more frozen protein. If we see meat shortages again, you should not be out there scraping the bottom of the barrel. You are a prepper, so be prepared for these things by storing extra food.

3. Community Interaction

Community Interaction | How To Prepare For Lockdown 2.0

The most powerful thing you can do to prepare for lockdown 2.0 is to be more involved with the community. That includes your working with the neighborhood and city council members. They are going to be your voice and the people are going to eventually say UNCLE!

You want to be one of the voices that call for the lockdown to end. You might think your voice has no power and your concerns fall on deaf ears, but I would question how much effort you put into getting your voice out there.

Your neighbors are your emergency and disaster allies and the community and representation at large are your voice in dark times. Utilize them both.

No Official Data Yet, But Be Prepared

The data isn’t in on all this locking down. You know, it looks like we stopped the infection and the deaths that could have occurred at the beginning of the virus entering the nation. However, we have no metric to measure the effects of the lockdown itself.

Can you measure the lethality of a national lockdown? There is no denying that the lockdown increased physical and emotional abuse at home. We know it crushed our economy and destroyed businesses and jobs.

How do you measure that and the outcomes?

We also know that it drastically affects overall health in the nation as people were either not able to schedule checkups, screenings, and other health preventatives. You cannot just shut the machine off without consequence. We have to be very careful about what happens next in our nation.

How are you going to prepare for lockdown 2.0 in America? Do share your plans in the comments section below!

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  1. Robert Evans

    November 20, 2020 at 12:32 PM

    Make sure you have a generator for that freezer in case of power outages. You don’t want to have to throw away all the food in that freezer!!

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