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Survival fitness is a critical element of survival.  How do you expect to bug out in the wilderness if you can't walk a mile without getting winded?  Staying in shape is crucial.  How long your gear lasts doesn't mean much if your body can't last just as long.

Tips on Survival Fitness

So check out this video from Lone Tree Survival for some tips on survival fitness, while also getting in some wilderness survival training.  What do you do to stay in shape for when SHTF?  Let us know in the comments.

Let's be realistic: when SHTF, your body is going to be under intense movement and stress. If your body is not in top condition, the chances of you surviving are significantly slimmer, regardless of how much you have prepared. Keep in mind that physical fitness and survival go hand and hand.

For a prepper, most likely you have learned certain outdoor survival skills such as finding food, making fire and shelter. You have started storing items and collecting things that will be most useful. In fact, there is plenty of information to get you well prepared in an emergency situation or disaster. However, some people forget the part about survival fitness.

What if your location gets compromised, whether by nature or people? Can you sprint, run, hike or climb your way out of danger? Survival fitness does not need to be a big part of your prepping, but you can at least:

Jog about four miles once a week.
Work out using a couple of dumbbells, some weight plates and a bench press bar.
Sprint a minimum of one block distance.
Do pull ups as many as you can.

Ultimately, When it comes to survival, fitness and strength would be helpful to to make sure you make it through.

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