How To Use A Knife For Self Defense



Despite what the gun-grabbers would have you believe, guns are not the source of violence. Someone who wants to harm you will use any means necessary. And you need to be ready to respond to whatever the thugs throw at you.

Using a Knife for Self Defense

That's why we're bringing you the “Don't Be A Victim” series from GunCarrier.com. In the second episode you'll learn how to use a knife for self defense. Check it out, and share your own self-defense tips in the comments!

Using a knife for self defense should be the last thing on any prepper or survivalist's mind. After all, the blade is our most basic and most important tool. Bugging out and living through survival situations would be much easier with a sharp and tough knife in your kit. There is no need to list down the countless uses of a knife when you are outdoors, and it doesn't always have to be about hunting and killing game so that you will have food to eat.

Going back to self defense, always consider that a knife for self defense must be used only in the most desperate situations. This is because a knife is a deadly weapon, and the legal implications may not always be to your advantage. Some consider the act of wielding a knife as using lethal or deadly force, so if you are not careful, you could turn out to be a bad guy even when you're not. Worst of all, you could lose a court case and end up behind bars.

Maybe in the aftermath of a SHTF event or when you are confronted with an enemy out in the woods, you could claim self defense but in most other situations, using a knife for self defense may not always come out right. So as much as possible, avoid violence even if someone else started it.

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