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Prepper's Picks: Issue #55
Top Survival Tips This Week on Survival Life:

Make Your Own Coffee Can Survival Kit For Your Car


How much time do you spend in your car?

If you’re like me (and most Americans) you spend at least an average of FOUR OR MORE hours in your vehicle every day…

Is your car as ready as you are?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if SHTF while you’re on the road.

Click here to make sure that your car is ready when TSHTF

How To Make “Wet Proof” Matches


A fire starter is one of the most important items in your cache.

Without it, you’ll be left in the dark…

Weatherproof matches are one of the quickest and simplest to use go-to fire starters you can keep on you.

Don't have any handy?

Thats Perfectly fine… You have other options!

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You Can Do Much Better Than A Match

Waterproof matches are a great start, but I'd like to show you something better…

Check out this waterproof, reusable, “Everstryke Match”  that guarantees you a fire any time, and in any condition


Pick your's up for FREE now.

The last time we had these in stock they were gone in a matter of HOURS.  Don't miss out on your chance to pick one up for free NOW!

Grab Yours Now Before They're Gone.

P.S. This tool can sit in water for 24 hours and still light a fire in an instant.

Down and Dirty Review On The Geigerrig Hydration Pack


I know that you stake your life on your gear and when you need it most, you need to be sure that that product won’t fail you.

That’s why, I take my product reviews VERY seriously.

One of the most important tools you can have is a hydration pack. They give you the ability to carry water on the go.

There are a ton of options, but one stands out above the others…Click here to read more

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Preppers Picks Issue #54 Top Survival Tips From Survival Life


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