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Indoor Propane Heater | 6 Propane Home Heater Pros and Cons



Design stainless steel metal gas burning indoor patio heater | Indoor Propane Heater | 6 Propane Home Heater Pros and Cons | featured

Is it safe to use an indoor propane heater in your home? Would it cost me a lot of money to buy one?

Read on as we present the pros and cons of using this controversial device.

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Propane Home Heater: Hot or Not?

Design stainless steel metal gas burning indoor patio heater | indoor propane heater

Indoor Propane Heater Pros

1. Indoor Propane Heater is Safe

small space heating gas heater in a dark area | indoor propane heater

Compared to diesel, petroleum, and other fuels, propane is relatively safe. Research conducted by the National Fire Protection shows that it is a safe heat source.

The fuel’s safety record is largely due to the strict codes and regulations. These are imposed by the NFPA and the propane industry as a whole to protect end-users.

Note: Like other energy sources, propane could pose danger without proper precaution. Check for pipe leaks before using your propane home heater.

2. Indoor Propane Heater is Environment-Friendly

Technology, hand holding with environment | indoor propane heater

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 considered propane as a clean fuel source by the US government. As an alternative to fossil fuels, it counters greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Unlike natural gas, propane also burns cleaner. It also does not leak, spill, or leave residues that can damage the soil.

Since it is not soluble in liquid, it cannot contaminate any water sources. This makes propane a fuel source with one of the smallest environmental impacts.

3. Indoor Propane Heater is Convenient and Efficient

Various type of refrigerant gas tanks stored on the shelf inside | indoor propane heater

You can store propane in your home and it could last for decades. Stored in a container, you can also use it for other purposes like cooking or vehicle fuel.

Appliances that run on propane are more efficient. This is why indoor propane home heaters are now more favored by homeowners.

Propane is also a flexible fuel. It is available in rural locations where natural gas is scarce.

4. Indoor Propane Heater is Cost-Effective

Energy saving or cost of natural gas for heating a house | indoor propane heater

Aside from its easy availability, propane is cheaper than most types of fuels. These include electricity.

And since it burns clean, you wouldn’t have to worry about residues on your appliances. This means less maintenance and replacement costs for you.

Like other fuel types, propane cost also fluctuates depending on supply, and demand. But rest assured, it is still an affordable option compared to regular energy sources.

5. Indoor Propane Heater Requires No Monthly Bill

The problem with regular energy sources like electricity is the monthly payments. With an indoor propane heater, you have one less thing to worry about.

This is true, as long as you pay for tank refills upfront. Refills mean no regular bills and paying for what you need at a given time.

Keep in mind though that buying your first propane tank will cost you some. In the long run, though, it is more cost-efficient.

Pro Tip: To save more, you can buy bigger propane tanks. A 1,000-gallon tank could help you save more money than smaller ones.

6. Using Indoor Propane Heater Creates Jobs

Female industrial worker taking out propane cylinder | indoor propane heater

Although you can say the same to any other type of product, the use of propane is the real deal. In America alone, the job opportunity that propane creates is significant.

Recently, thousands of jobs have been created due to this industry. This particular industry encompasses generation, distribution, retail, and more.

But of course, this is the economic side of using indoor propane heaters. In the end, it is all about how it works for you.

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Indoor Propane Heater Cons

1. Indoor Propane Heater is A Health Risk

Chemical hazard pictograms Toxic focus | propane home heater

When not handled properly, a propane home heater could pose serious health hazards. Propane, when swallowed or inhaled is deadly.

Aside from propane poisoning, another health threat is carbon monoxide inhalation. To burn, propane needs to mix with a certain ratio of oxygen.

Non-optimal conditions could result in the release of carbon monoxide. This toxic substance is highly lethal, particularly in poorly-ventilated quarters.

2. Indoor Propane Heater is Flammable

blured image of gas tank leaking | propane home heater

Propane is a reliable fuel source because it is flammable. This same useful property also makes it dangerous when used without precaution.

It is not uncommon for propane-fueled appliances to explode because of leaks. Leaks, when it builds up in closed spaces, could result in combustion.

A tiny spark could trigger a cataclysmic explosion. High safety standard is required when using propane home heaters.

3. Indoor Propane Heater Means Logistical Problems

gas butane bottles with delivery worker | propane home heater

First, you have the delivery issue. Propane, in most cases, is delivered to homes then piped into your appliances.

You need to wait for the delivery truck to fill your tank. Aside from this, you also need to make sure that it is stored safely.

Storage is the second issue particularly if you are living in a small space. Some homeowners would even repurpose other spaces for storage.

4. Converting to Indoor Propane Heater Means High Initial Cost

gas heating system | propane home heater

If you plan to switch from a regular heating system to one running on propane, prepare to spend some. Or even more.

You may think of doing it DIY. But this particular process is something that you cannot do on your own.

Professional service is required since the process is risky if done by amateurs. Apart from the labor cost, you also need to consider parts and equipment.

5. Indoor Propane Heater Requires Regular Maintenance

The master performs work on repair and cleaning of the gas boiler | propane home heater

One of the biggest disadvantages of using propane heaters is the maintenance part. Aside from other moving parts, propane tanks need much care.

If the tank is yours, you have to ensure that it undergoes regular inspections. Leaks and corrosion are also common issues.

A propane home heater is not something you just neglect. Consistent maintenance and inspection are required for safety and function.

6. Indoor Propane Heater May Cost More

In reality, propane doesn’t produce heat as much as oil or other fuels. This means that though propane is cheaper, efficiency-wise it is far from the target.

To achieve the same efficiency as oil, for instance, you have to burn more propane. In the long run, this is a costlier predicament.

Instead of saving money, you could be spending more. But of course, you have to consider factors such as the efficiency of your device.

Do you ever wonder if propane heaters are safe? Here's an informative video by Tahoe Steve for you to enjoy: 

The clamor for alternative energy sources is one reason why you should opt for an indoor propane heater. But like any other device, you have to weigh all the pros and cons before using one. Do your research and always choose safety first.

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What type of indoor heater do you have in your home? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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