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Home remedies are convenient for a variety of reasons.

They’re fast, cheap, easy, and save you a trip to the doctor’s office.

Whether you’re looking for toothache relief, ingrown toenail treatment, blister care, spider bite treatment, or any other home remedy, we’ve got you covered with this list.

Learn these home remedies and you’ll always be able to treat your ailments no matter how far away from a doctor you find yourself!


Home Remedies for Tooth Ache

Home Remedies For Preppers

21 Home Remedies For Toothache Relief-

Do not swallow liquids. Rinse your mouth and spit out these tooth ache remedies when done.

  1. Salt Water: Mix a heaping tablespoon full of salt in a small glass of warm water; swirl around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat as needed.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide: Swoosh a bit of hydrogen peroxide. If the taste is too horrid for you, try diluting with a bit of water.
  3. Alcohol: Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol will do the trick too.
  4. Vanilla Extract: Saturate a cotton ball with vanilla and hold in place. Can also use a cotton swab dipped in extract.
    Other extracts that have the same effect are:
    Almond Extract
    Peppermint Extract
    & Lemon Extract
  5. Tea Tree Oil: Just a drop or two will do the trick. You can also add some to a cotton swab and hold in place or add a few drops of tea tree oil to a small glass of lukewarm to warm water and rinse your mouth with it.
  6. Oil Of Oregano: Mix a few drops with a bit of olive oil, then saturate a cotton ball with mixture. Can replace the olive oil with lukewarm water if preferred.
  7. Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and hold it in place. Can also try regular household vinegar.
  8. Ginger Root: Take a fresh piece of ginger and chew it a bit.
  9. Garlic: Take a clove of garlic, smash it and apply (settle it inside cheek). You can also mash some garlic with salt.
  10. Peppermint Leaves: Chew on fresh peppermint leaves. You can also dried leaves, just hold them in place.
  11. Potato: Cut a fresh piece of potato (raw, skin off) and hold in place. Can also pound a piece of raw potato, mix in a bit of salt and use the mash.
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Spider Bite Treatment

How to Treat a Bite From a Poisonous Spider-

Home Remedies For Preppers

If at all possible, get to a doctor. If you can’t, consider the following if you think the spider was a brown recluse or hobo spider:

  • Keep the wound cool and slow your breathing. This will help slow the venom’s spread: Apply ice, and keep the area at heart level or above.
  • Even though bites are rarely fatal secondary infections can quickly turn so. The next step you need to do is make sure you do everything possible to prevent infection.
  • As the black layer of dead skin (eschar) sloughs off, treat the wound as you would any other, by keeping it clean and covered and applying antibiotic ointment or honey. Some large wounds take several weeks to heal. If it starts looking infected, you’ll need oral antibiotics.
  • Treat the pain. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever.


Ring Stuck on Swollen Finger Home Remedies

One of the most common injuries in the world is a hand injury.

In normal, day to day situations, a broken finger, gash, cut, or sprain to your hand is frustrating…

(I know, I have a tendency to mangle my hands on a weekly basis… and the scars to prove it!)

But in a survival situation, the condition of your hands and feet can be the deciding factor between surviving and not.

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Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Home Remedies For Preppers

An ingrown toenail can be an incredibly painful and annoying ailment to suffer from.

Aside from the discomfort, ingrown toenails also often get infected.

These infections cause swelling and inflammation, making the toe even more painful.

We have some great home remedies for removing the ingrown toenail, making it grow straight again, and healing infections.

To avoid infection and a visit to the doctor, take care of the problem early using these ingrown toenail treatment tips. For the full article, click here. 


Homemade Cold Remedies and Flu Treatment



  • Fresh lemon
  • Fresh ginger
  • Raw honey


Step one:

Slice lemon into quarters and put into the jar.



Step two:

Grate ginger, and add to lemon…

For the full instructions, click here.

Blister Care and Home Remedies For Itchy Skin


Experiencing the wild means dealing with sunburns, coming in contact with toxic plants or being bitten by insects. This can happen while camping, too. So be prepared for anything, in any situation, that’s what I always say. The best part is that all of these problems can be treated naturally and I`ll show you exactly what to do to ease the pain from itches and nasty blisters. Here some of the natural remedies you can use… For the full article, click here.


Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ingrown hair can be painful and cause infection. Infected ingrown hair can cause some serious health problems if untreated.

Ingrown hair treatment and learning how to prevent ingrown hairs can go a long way in making your life more comfortable in a survival situation.


Sore Throat

Home Remedies For Preppers

Some people believe that honey is an even better treatment for coughs and colds than over-the-counter medicine. To create the sore throat-relieving serum, squeeze the juice from a lemon and mix it with some honey. Stir the mixture until both ingredients blend. Drink the solution. After a few moments, you will realize that your sore throat has been cured, or at least reduced. Just continue to make more rounds until you are finally free from

Read the other benefits of honey here.




Constipation Remedies

These are some unexpected home remedies for the discomfort and health issues that can come with constipation. Look no further for constipation relief!


How to Stop Coughing

A persistent cough can wear you down as time goes on. Cure it with these home remedies!

For our step-by-step instructions, click here. 


How to Stop Hiccups

Hiccups are downright annoying! These remedies will have over them in a flash.


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