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5 Home Defense Plans And Deterrents That Work



Home Defense Plans And Deterrents That Work

Your home defense plan should not only include having a shotgun under the bed. Let’s talk about home defense plans and deterrents that really work.

Effective Home Defense Plans to Work On Right Away

The American landscape has changed radically in just a few months. We have seen such radical change in a noticeably short period of time. It is hard for us all to understand what has occurred.

However, there are groups of people who are engaging in very devious activities around the nation. They are improving, their tactics are improving, and their offensive strategies are improving, as well.

It has many people concerned. On top of these strange groups learning and growing, we are also dealing with the collapse of the police all over the nation.

Crime rates are up, and people are getting killed and shot at staggering rates. Americans are hungry for relief and safety. This is high time to take action to protect your family.

1. Keep Your Home Exterior Clean and Clear 

Let’s start with the basics of visibility. Bad guys like to do things in the dark. They like the cover of night.

When you clean up the perimeter of your home, there will be fewer things to cast a shadow and a person creeping around becomes much more visible. Areas near doors and windows should be the clearest.

The only exception to the rule is having pointy hedges under windows to deter people from struggling to get into them.

2. Light it Up 

Light it Up | Home Defense Plans And Deterrents That Work

Motion-activated floodlights are devastating. They shed light on people and if you can put some serious wattage out you can scare people off with just that.

You should have floodlights in your front and backyard, and they should be powerful enough to get noticed.

Your driveway is another great place to have a floodlight. You know, these lights can even be bought with solar power options, so you don’t have to hardwire them into the home.

3. Eyes in the Sky

Cameras don’t stop all the bad guys, but we are talking about deterrents. Once you start layering, it becomes clear that your home is a little more involved than the average bad guy is going to want to be involved with.

Cameras are still highly effective. They can tell you a lot about the people who are walking and riding by your home.

If you are seeing someone suspicious in your area or a suspicious vehicle, cameras give you the ability to go back in time and check them out. Maybe you can even grab a license plate.

4. Dogs 

Dogs | Home Defense Plans And Deterrents That Work

They have been by our side since the ice age. Canines are incredible allies when it comes to home defense. The right dogs can be a massive deterrent. Just do the math.

If a burglar is checking out homes and one has no fence and no dogs but the other has three pit bulls that roam the yard by day and guard the home by night, which house is he more likely to break into?

Dogs are also great alarm systems. They tell you when something doesn’t sound right or even doesn’t smell right.

Do you know that dogs can smell an opossum in the backyard when they are lying in your bedroom?

5. Be Visible 

Most people cannot be home all the time. Therefore, many robberies happen between 10 and 2 in the afternoon.

It’s a good time to bet that the driveway is empty because the owners are gone. When you are home, you should be present. Come outside and do things around the home.

Hopefully, you are in shape and if not, that is another article altogether. It is important that you represent yourself as a serious deterrent, as well.

Again, the art of deterring goes back to layer theory. You see lights, cameras, dogs, security systems and how you see the owner of the house is no slouch either. They are openly carrying a firearm while weeding the front lawn.

Suddenly, you become a lot less desirable to someone looking to execute a smash and grab.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up | Home Defense Plans And Deterrents That Work

Things are getting squirrely out there! It is very unnerving to see the state of our nation. For the average American, it is enough just to get some sleep at night just worrying about the future.

How do these things play out? Who is willing and able to protect you?

Now is the time to begin fortifying your home and community. We are less than 100 days away from the presidential election and the closest we have ever been to SHTF in this nation. You need to act now!

Build a layered approach to home defense using deterrents as the basis. It’s not about one deterrent but a collection of them.

From here you can expand out to neighborhood deterrents and be ready for whatever happens between now and the end of this God-forsaken year of 2020.

What's the best home defense plan for you? We'd like to hear from you in the comments section!

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