How To Hang a Bear Bag




One of the major concerns when camping is ensuring safety when dealing with wildlife.

One major way that animals are attracted to camp sites is the presence of food.

Bear bags offer a safe way to store food and deter animals from bothering you while camping.

The PCT, or Pacific Crest Trail, Method for hanging a bear bag is a popular option. Learn how to properly hang a bear bag and keep your food from attracting wildlife to your site!


The PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) Method For Hanging a Bear Bag:

This method uses less cordage than other hanging options, lightening the weight of your pack. Check out more detailed instructions here.



How To Hang A Bear Bag PCT Style Video:


Where To Hang Your Bear Bag:

Location is key when deterring animals from getting into your bag. Use this graphic to keep your bag out of reach. For more information, check out this site.


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  2. left Coast Chuck

    March 9, 2014 at 5:25 PM

    OTOH, hanging the bag just high enough to make the bear rear up will give you a clean shot at Smokey so that he then becomes a hundred or so pounds of jerky to sustain you on the rest of your trek. This assumes that TEOTWQKI has occurred and game wardens are otherwise engaged in protecting their families and themselves. Be sure to cook Smokey very thoroughly as bears are subject to trichinosis which can be caught by eating meat that is not properly cooked. Bear fat was very useful to our great grandparents, so render the fat and don’t throw it away.

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