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The Ultimate Food Guide for Wilderness Survival



The Ultimate Food Guide for Wilderness Survival

Now let’s say we know ahead of time that we are going to be trying to survive in the wilderness. We can only have one backpack full of our food supplies for the week.

What should we bring to make sure we can not only survive, but also make sure we increase our chances of being as comfortable as possible?

This is a perfect time to talk about the ultimate food guide for wilderness survival so you’re prepared and able to survive the wilderness.

By the way, if you’re bringing pets with you, leave space for the best survival food for pets too.

We had to get strategic with this one since we only have one backpack. It’s hard to narrow it down, but this list should do the trick.

And help you prepare for a real survival situation when you can only take what you can handle carrying on a long journey.

Food and Cooking

We need to be able to cook all of the food we pack. What is light, cheap and can cook our meals in the wilderness? The easy answer: Aluminum foil.

This is the best method of campfire cooking if we’re trying to keep the survival food kit light. Plus, it’s extremely cheap to buy.

All you need to do is wrap your food with foil and add a little water to the outside so it doesn’t burn or dry out.

Then you just place it on the embers of your fire or even place on the rocks around the fire.

Now that we have our cooking method, let’s talk about what we are going to eat when we are on our survival trip.

Here’s a quick list of light things to pack, and best of all, easy to cook or prepare. Here we go…

Powdered Eggs: Great source of protein

Instant Oatmeal: All you need is hot water and you are set

Powdered Milk: Great for breakfast and your daily energy as well

Cereal: The right cereal can start your day off right

Granola or Energy Bars: Get your energy going

Pouched Instant Coffee and or Iced Tea Packets: Gives you a boost and the refreshing taste you may need as a pick-me-up

Chicken or Tuna Packets: Great for energy and protein as well

Jerkies: Easy source of protein and tastes great

Dried Fruits and Nuts: Keeps you alert and healthy

Bottled Water or Water Purification Tool: You need water for cooking and hydration

These options are all lightweight, perfect for the wilderness and the ultimate food for survival.

Now if you are trying to survive for a longer period and near water, then it’s a great idea to know what bait to use and where to find it. You will be able to catch all the fish you need to survive.

What about you, if you had just one backpack to use for your wilderness survival, what would you fill it up with? Let us know in the comments below so we can help each other out.

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