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This “AA” Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

Do you want to learn an old and effective way to start a fire? Simply using gum wrapper and a battery, you can start a flame in just a few seconds.



Creating a fire starter from whatever you have around you is an essential skill. Oddly enough, some of the most ingenious solutions in the world come from the inmates inside our prisons.

Now, I’m not saying you should take ALL your advice from prisoners… but when it comes to improvising, we could all learn a thing or two from them.

One of those things is how to make a “prison lighter” using only a few basic supplies. This way, if you lose your lighter, your matches get wet, or if any number of other disasters should befall you… you will still be able to get a flame going.

This new video exposes how an age old “prison hack” is now a crucial survival skill. 

Everyone Needs To Learn This Fire Starter Hack NOW!

Knowing how to start a fire using different materials is crucial, especially in a survival situation. Fire starting tools and equipment can be bought in materials of all shapes and forms so the great outdoors can never run short of these things nowadays.

Matches, waterproof and multi-tool lighters, bracelets with fire-starting features are very affordable for outdoor enthusiasts.

But just imagine yourself in a situation where you’re unprepared and there’s no match or lighter at your disposal. This is when your knowledge in survival fire-starting skills kicks in.

Check out my solution for starting a fire: the Everstryke Matches. They’re even waterproof! More details here.

Now, we’ll teach how to start a fire with the use of a gum wrapper and battery.  You won’t believe how easy to follow these steps are. (Stock up on batteries here if you don’t already have some.)

1. Gum wrapper and battery

Start with a gum wrapper and a battery.  Please note that this trick will ONLY work with a foil-backed gum wrapper.

Gum wrapper and battery | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

Flashlight battery | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

If you don’t have a loose battery on hand, remove one from your flashlight. (Don’t worry — you can put it back later.)

2. Cut and shape the gum wrappers

Cut and shape the gum wrappers. | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

Cut the gum wrappers into hourglass-shaped strips.  Your gum wrappers should look something like this.

3. Start the ignition

Now, take one of your ignitors and hold the ends against the ends of the battery.

Start the ignition. | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

After a few seconds, you will notice it starting to smoke.

4. Flame Emerges

Flame Emerges | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

After a few more seconds, you will see a flame emerge.

5. Fire starting complete!

You can now use your DIY fire starter to start a roaring fire in no time!

The reason this works is because the foil in the gum wrapper acts as a conductor for the electricity produced by the lighter.

Fire starting complete! | This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

The paper of the gum wrapper then ignites and burns long enough to be used as a fire starter.  How’s that for a new fire-starting tip?

This "AA" Prison Hack Now A Fire Starter For Survivalists

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 5, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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