Family-Friendly Storm Shelters




Emergency preparedness is especially vital if you have a family to consider. And at the end of the day, nothing is as important as keeping your family safe. In the event of a natural disaster, it can be a challenge to keep everyone safe without it being a scary and uncomfortable experience, especially for the kids.

We have a few tips to help you keep your family safe and feeling secure even when worst comes to worst.

1. Wheelchair Accessible

Family-Friendly Storm Shelters

Whether your storm shelter is above or below ground, making sure it is wheelchair accessible is a must. You never know if someone in your family may have limited mobility. Reducing the risk of climbing a ladder or falling down the stairs in an emergency situation will not only save you time and energy, but can save someone's life.

The last thing you want to do is leave someone behind because you couldn't get them rescued in time. Try building a ramp!

2. Steel Storm Doors

Family-Friendly Storm Shelters

Entrances are typically the weakest part of a structure. Debris from a major disaster could force the door inwards, in which case you are no longer protected from the elements and are exposed to broken remnants flying inside.

Your best option is to have a solid-core door, such as a mix of steel and plywood, which you can find here. A steel frame is also an integral part of your entrance. You may have the world’s best storm shelter door, but a weak frame will make it useless.

Check out if your door is FEMA approved.

3. Activities

Family-Friendly Storm Shelters

It sounds silly, but often the difference between life and death is remembering to remain calm. In addition to blankets to stay cozy, consider having a deck of cards or other kid-friendly activities stashed away in your storm shelter. This will also keep the kids at bay while you plan your next move.

4. Supplies

Family-Friendly Storm Shelters

The proof is in the pudding. Check out this video on how this real life storm shelter saved a family:

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