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History can show us past epidemics and how it wiped out millions because they were unprepared. This is why preppers behave and think the way they do.

Epidemics Survival Tips: Looking Beyond The Disease

Preparing for an epidemic of global proportions is not paranoia but being equipped to preserve your life and the lives of your loved ones. So what does one have to do to make such preparations and possibly survive any infection or epidemics? Here are a few tips which might help you breathe easily and help you go to sleep at night.


1. Keep Yourself Informed

Know and understand the different types of causes and conditions of an epidemic. You can also surf the web on how local and world authorities worked hand-in-hand to contain such outbreaks. Keeping yourself up-to-date in the event of a possible pandemic will give you enough time to prepare. Coordinate with your local ERU and local authorities for more information.


2. Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System | How To Survive Epidemics | Survival Life Tips

Visit your doctor for latest flu shots and immune system boosters. Take regular exercises and have a healthy diet. Any virus would have a hard time attacking a healthy body.


3. Build Your Own Food And Water Stockpile

In the event of an epidemic, one must refrain from eating recent food supplies in the market or grocery store. Discard the recent ones you’ve purchased as well. You should also stop drinking water from your main water supply and stick to bottled water or own water storage. Here are 9 crazy simple tips to build your emergency food supply.


4. Build Your Own Survival Kit

Your survival kit will contain all the necessary items you might need in a disaster. It should also have an N95 respirator mask, protective hooded coverall, chemical goggles, shoe covers, and black nitrile gloves. Here are other items for survival disaster kit you need to prepare for.


5. Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Practice Good Personal Hygiene | How To Survive Epidemics | Survival Life Tips

Wash and sterilize your hands regularly using 70% alcohol, hand sanitizer or soap and water. Bathing with stored water and soap should also be habitually practiced.


6. Shelter In Place

Keep the air in your household free from possible contamination. Place plastic sheeting over gaps on your doors and windows, as well as ventilation systems. You can use an air filter machine to draw the air from the outside and convert it to clean air inside. Keeping yourself isolated is a good way to prevent being exposed to other people who might possibly be infected.


7. Defend Your Family And Property

Most likely havoc will ensue as everyone who is caught by surprise will rush to stock up on food and water. But it may already be too late. Social and economic unrest will follow. Be prepared to defend yourself from those who want to take what you have.


8. Prepare a Bug Out Bag

It may take you a while to be able to get from point A to point B with all the containment and quarantine implementations. So make sure your bug-out vehicle is equipped with a HEPA air filter and you also have a bug out bag with equipment and supplies that will last you for 72hours.


9. Get Ready To Bug Out

By listening to your NOAA Radio or watching the local news, you will be informed if you and your family need to evacuate the area. Remember, an epidemic can last for months, maybe more than a year. You must have a separate bug out location well away from the main population and filled with adequate supplies. You can then wait it out right there until everything blows over.


Watch this video on top 10 ways to survive a pandemic by WatchMojo.com:

If someone whips up something new then there is very little or no chance to survive, unless you have been preparing ahead. That’s why the survival tips above mentioned are of guarantee. But in any case, it might help rather than just rolling over and waiting to die. You also have to put in mind the survival tips above are but a few yet should be systematic and intentional. Not to mention, it takes months and even years to prepare for such an epidemic of massive proportions.

How To Survive Epidemics | Survival Life Tips

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Here is Survival Life’s comprehensive checklist for a 72-hour survival kit you should know about!

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