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Most of us have at least one emergency kit, and many of us have more than one.

Typically, people keep an emergency kit in their vehicle as well as one (ore more) in their home. But have you ever thought about having an emergency kit for your office or workplace too?

Be Prepared Everywhere: Workplace Emergency Kit

We have mentioned in previous posts that we spend most of our time in three places: home, car and work. Much has been said about getting ready for the unthinkable at home and even in the car. Now it's time to talk about prepping in the workplace.

At home we already know how to defend against invaders and how to think of our home as a fortress against attack. Most of us have supplies stored up at home and think of our homes as being relatively safe.

In the car you probably have basic emergency tools, a first aid kit and of course a little survival kit hidden in a pocket somewhere.

But you likely spend 40 hours or more at your workplace every week. Doesn't it makes sense to have an emergency kit for work as well? Let us help you build your own workplace emergency kit.

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Try it Today! Build a Workplace Emergency Kit

While few of us would relish the thought of having to spend a single minute more than absolutely necessary at work, it is conceivable you could end up stranded there overnight. If severe weather rolls in, such as a major blizzard, travel could be treacherous at best. Rather than roll the dice and take your chances on hazardous roads, you may be better off just hunkering down at your desk. By planning ahead and assembling a workplace emergency kit, you can turn such an event into nothing more than an inconvenience.

If you work from home or stay at home during the day, consider putting together one of these kits for a spouse or other loved one who does have to go to work each day.

Start with a bit of food, such as granola bars, crackers, or perhaps one of my favorites, honey roasted cashews. Sure, many of us routinely have some snacks stashed away in our desk but it is never a bad idea to have some extra goodies in your workplace emergency kit. Check out this list of handy no-cook foods for some suggestions. One popular emergency food among preppers is the high-calorie emergency bar. These are used by the military and are actually quite tasty.

Don’t forget a couple of bottles of water, too. We have no way to reliably predict what the situation might be and the disaster you end up facing could result in water not flowing from the bathroom taps. In that case, you might have to get water elsewhere, and it might be questionable as to its safety. A LifeStraw comes in handy for that and since it’s low-cost and very lightweight, you could easily keep it stored in a desk drawer. The Sawyer Water Filtration System is also portable and very popular.

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Preparing at work is not always considered due to the fact that the company is privately owned and we tend to hold our employers responsible for what might happen while we are there. This should not be the case. It is important to remember that the only people we can count on in times of crisis is ourselves.

The survival skills that we are practicing at home should also be applied at work, although usually in a more discreet manner. You can still keep a coffee can survival kit, even a bug out bag in your office or workplace. This way, when worse comes to worst, we would not be the ones to regret and blame ourselves for not preparing.

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Do you have a workplace emergency kit? What did you include? Let us know in the comments.