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DIY Survival Candles: The Orange Lantern



diy survival candles orange lantern

In this day and age, people believe that they cannot survive without technology, but the majority of the human race throughout history has lived without it. Henceforth, you can too!

DIY Survival Candles

Part 1: The Orange Lantern

When Thomas Edison invited the lightbulb, the world got a whole lot brighter. But what happens when you lose electricity for a matter of days? How can you see at night? Well, you can make candles with what you've got! During the daytime, you can make all the candles you need, so when the dark creeps up on you, you have light.

So, let’s begin by making your first candle called the orange lantern.


Here's what you need from your kitchen:

  • Olive Oil
  • An Orange
  • A lighter or match
  • A knife
  • A cutting board (optional)


1. Once you gather all of your supplies, place the orange on the cutting board and cut right through the middle of the orange.

diy survival candles 1

2. Now take the lower half of the orange and make a circular cut around the orange. Cut right where the orange peel and the fruit meet.

diy survival candles 2

3. Then make a circular cut around the white “core” in the middle of the orange. The cut should separate the fruit form the core.

diy survival candles 3

4. Pull out the edible part but be sure to leave the core and the peel. You can eat the fruit.

diy survival candles 4

5. Then take what is left of the orange and fill it up with olive oil. Make sure you soak the core with olive oil but leave just a little piece of the core above the oil.

6. Take your light or match and light the core. It might take a second to start burning. The olive oil inside the peel will slowly burn, it should last up to an hour of burning time. Be sure to make more than one to keep the evening time bright.

diy survival candles 5

diy survival candles 6

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You've now created your Orange Lantern!

Whether it's a natural disaster like a hurricane or a man-made disaster like an EMP, candles are important to have on hand when the power goes out. But not all candles are created equal. Click here to learn which candles are best in an emergency situation.





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