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Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family

What’s more important than making your home a safe place for your loved ones. These DIY home security should put you a few steps ahead of people that are likely to disturb your peace in the night.



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Protect your abode and set up DIY home security systems with cameras without the expensive price tag.

DIY Home Security Tips and Ideas for Preppers

The Best Home Security System

Home defense tactics are a huge concern when looking at SHTF scenarios and the kind of home security you need. Home security systems and home security cameras can get expensive though, and they may fall short when it comes to you and your family's home security.

In my opinion, the best home security measure is one that stops unwanted visitors from entering your home in the first place. Home security and alarm systems you can monitor yourself by going through every step of the process is ideal.

This list of DIY home security tips and ideas may be the best solution and might just save you and your family's lives in the wee hours of the night.

1. DIY Smart Home Security Camera

Capturing lights with smartphone | Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family


You don’t need to go to security companies to purchase a smart home security camera. Create this awesome DIY trick instead, if you want the ease of monitoring the perimeters of your home.

This allows you to stream live video and audio from your front doorstep directly to and from a mobile app. The installation of this home security camera doesn’t always require costly professional installation.

2. Remote Control Gun

If you need to warn intruders to stay away from your safe room or keep those pesky squirrels away from your garden, this is the perfect DIY project for you.

We're only using an airsoft gun, so it's not like we'll kill somebody with this security feature. This safety device also doesn’t need to be professionally installed because you can do it yourself with ease!

3. Prepper Dream Home – Virtual Tour

Monitoring house using smartphone | Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family

This is probably a bit ambitious for most of us, but we can dream, right? This home is a fortress that will make just about anyone feel safe, for sure.

Door and window sensors and alarm systems can only go so far. Thus, making this DIY home security system to go the extra mile in keeping your home safe is a plus!

4. Cell Phone Trip Wire

Can’t afford expensive home security systems? Believe it or not, you can make your own wireless home security system for about $10 with a few simple hacks to a prepaid cell phone.

You can easily catch intruders who set off the tripwire because this neat little device calls your cell phone right when it happens.

5. Hidden in Plain Sight Bug Out Cabin

This DIY home security trick is a great idea for your secure bug out location — a small cabin that is completely camouflaged to the outside world, keeping your preps safe and location secret.

You can also install DIY home security systems with motion sensors into this cabin to find out if your secret location got compromised.

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6. Door Stop Alarm

Blue alarm | Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family


Door sensors only tell you there’s an intruder, but it doesn’t stop them. When the metal plate of this doorstop senses pressure, an alarm goes off.

Thus, alerting you someone has opened your door, stopping the intruder in their tracks. This DIY is a lot better than what an alarm company can offer.

7. Kitchen Island Secret Passage

Hide your safe room or shelter entrance in the most unexpected place — right in the middle of your kitchen island.

Now, who would think you'd disappear at the heart of your kitchen? Catch them by surprise with this sneaky DIY home security hack.

8. Hidden Bed Gun Safe

Wooden storage lock | Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family

Sometimes, smart locks can be outsmarted and you’ll find yourself threatened with your own gun. This super hidden safe offers the security of a more traditional safe.

It has also the added benefit of being stealthily hidden. Intruders won't know what hit them when you come storming out of your bedroom with your shotgun.

9. Storage Container Fortress

Storage container | Proven DIY Home Security Tips To Protect Your Family

If the alarm, door locks, and trap devices didn’t work, the last resort is to hide. A simple, empty storage container can also be a perfectly camouflaged urban survival shelter.

I definitely wanna have one of these someday! With the right ventilation, it's all going to be perfect.

10. Deterring Door Mat

The best DIY home security systems can be as simple as a sign tricking those burglars into robbing someone else! But alright, you caught us. This clever doormat is just for fun. You never know, it might work!

11. Second Line of Defense

Your home security system may be your first line of defense, but how about your second line of defense? Of course, you'll want plenty of back up plans in case an intruder was to make it past your first line of defense.

Consider a mixture of preventative home defense tactics as well as home defense weapons and security measures for an emergency situation.


Watch this video from Pilot Patriot for the coolest bedside gun safe:

Enhance your peace of mind by creating your personalized DIY home security system. There should be zero chance for bad people to make their way into your home.

A few moves ahead of burglars and intruders should place you in a favorable position in case they try to sneak in. If you care about you or your family's safety, installing home security is never a waste of your time. It's always good to be a step ahead of potential crooks and home invasions.

Have you built DIY home security systems in your home before? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below!

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