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Why “Crazy” Preppers Aren’t So Crazy After All



Feature | Why "Crazy" Preppers Aren't So Crazy After All

The recent terror attacks in Paris caused Lisa and I to have a conversation about why prepping is looked upon as overreacting and unnecessary. The answer is very simple…

We don’t live in Mayberry anymore.

With the way preppers are portrayed on television and the internet you would think that all preppers have thousands or rounds of ammunition, enough food to feed an army and a tank parked in the garage. While these people are out there, this is not an accurate representation of preppers.

For anyone who is reading this and is not a prepper, or is wondering what prepping is all about, this article will explain why we preppers aren’t so crazy after all, and why prepping is about more than worst case scenario.

75 to 100 years ago prepping might have been a little excessive, but then again if you look at how people lived 100 years ago it’s not so different than what we preppers strive to be.

I’m not saying that preppers are trying to move away from technology, I’m saying we strive to be less dependent on it and learn how to live without it. Just about everything we do these days relies on a computer program in one way or another, and while these are great and convenient it wouldn’t take much to disrupt the system.

As the world gets smaller and technology grows it becomes easier for the bad guys to expend their reach and disrupt our lives from anywhere on the planet. We’re not fighting with swards and shields anymore, were fighting with bombs and technology.

These disaster scenarios that we think about are just symptoms of the real problem. It doesn’t have to be a nuclear attack, or Martial law, or even a financial collapse to turn our lives upside down, it can be something or someone right next door.

First World Problems

In this week’s podcast Lisa and I talked about a number of tipics ranging from why we prepare, to what we prepare for, to digging deeper into why we all do this in the first place. Here are a few subjects we covered in this week’s show.


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  3. John Smith

    April 22, 2017 at 12:17 AM

    “We’re not fighting with swards and shields anymore” –or perhaps you meant swords? My front yard is an example of a sward. There is such a thing, which is why you should be less dependent on your spell checker. I don’t think I could slap my front yard on someone. Would be neat if I could. “Ka-cha!! My yard is on you! Trifle with me, will you?? Ha-ha!”

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