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College Survival Kit – Essential Items You Need in College



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When recent graduates of high school go off on their own to college, it is probably the very first time that they will be living away from home, in a new environment with people that they don't know.

This is a huge lifestyle change and while it is a very exciting step to growing up and maturing, it can also present many challenges and be very stressful. Stress can get out of control and cause serious problems in your life, so keeping it in check is a college must.

One way in which students can reduce their stress level is by packing the right things that they will need for college. One of the major stresses in college will be about money, so the more you can take with you to college, the less you will have to spend once you are there.

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College Survival Kit – Essential Items You Need in College

To make you feel a little bit safer and less stressed out, you should assemble a college survival kid that has essentials including toiletries, laundry components, storage options, gas cards, and survival food.

When you pack for college, don't forget to bring the shampoo and soap from your house so that you can save money from not having to buy them at the store.

It is also a good idea to bring some medical supplies, such as band-aids, just in case of emergency. Pain killers like Tylenol are crucial, so bring some from home, because you don't want to realize that you need them just as you need them.

Pack a few rolls of quarters so you don't have to worry about getting change for the pay machines. Because dorm rooms are so small, especially if you have more than one roommate, storage solutions can save your life and your sanity.

Gas cards are a practical option if you have a car or other automobile that consumes gas. Maybe one of the most comforting items of your college survival kit is survival food. Snack food is always needed around your dorm to munch on and nothing tastes better than your favorite candy from home.

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