Choosing A Multi Tool / Knife For Your EDC



If you're a smart prepper, you'll want to have a knife or multi-tool (or both!) in your EDC.  While it's tempting to get all of the latest and greatest gadgets out there, not every tool will be right for you.

Tips for Choosing a Multi Tool

When choosing a multi tool or a knife for your EDC, you need to consider things like size, weight, material, and ease of use.  Check out this video from to learn how to choose the knife or multi-tool that's right for you.

A multi tool, as the term implies, places several essential tools into one device. For the preppers and survivalists, this is all that they're looking for. And to set the record straight, it's not about having to choose between a knife or a multi tool. We need both to be in the bug out bag. When it comes to choosing a multi tool, there are a few considerations. Let us narrow down the criteria into three: it should be safe to use, made of good quality materials and of course, it must be versatile.

There is no other hand tool that can match a multi tool in survival situations. From building a trap and a shelter to fixing things that are broken, the uses of the multi tool are so many it's too long to list. It is therefore essential to pick your survival multi tool with care. It must be made from tough materials to withstand extreme weather and difficult tasks but it must also be simple enough to avoid getting hurt while using it. You don't want to bring along a tool with 101 different tools stuffed in. It will not be comfortable in the hand and it will surely be heavy as well.

Choosing a multi tool is not difficult if you know what you are looking for.

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