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No one knows when a situation that puts a severe threat on humanity may take place and thus, being prepared beforehand is essential. With so much to keep in mind, it's often easy to forget one of the most imperative parts ofevery day carry” – body armor. Offered in a wide range of levels, sizes and designs, selecting the right body armor for a given situation can be difficult.

The following information will enable you to determine what gear should be chosen when preparing for natural disasters, nuclear disasters and terror attacks.

The threats and the protection needed:

Natural Disaster

As beautiful as she is, Mother Nature has times where her wrath can't be contained. Whether a super volcano takes its toll on the earth, or the rains pour down without mercy, there's a need for protection. The game of life is one that circles around the survival of the fittest. This fitness, however, isn't only about how thick your bug out kit is, or how much you muscle has gained in the past few months.

Expand Your EDC With A Bullet Proof Vest

Added protection is a necessity and in the peak of a natural disaster that has unleashed chaos among society, a protection will prove to be imperative. Those who lacked the preparation skills you've carried out for the few years will surely swarm to your safe haven, trying to rob you of food, clothing, water and all other necessities that you possess. They'll stop at nothing. Attacks won't be uncommon and those carrying them out will be sneaky and venomous. Your strength here will come from your body armor. Because you can't watch your back at all times, your armor will do it for you. For starters, guns will be the deadliest threat, but once supplies run low, attacks from knives and other sharp objects will surge.

Your body armor will therefore need to be one that's designed to withstand attacks from both threats. Survivalists can actually get body armor from online bullet proof vest companies such as that specialize in secret panel vests. The covert level II bullet proof vest will be the best defense mechanism for your everyday carry. Lightweight and offering protection against both handguns and sharp objects, you'll be able to move from location to location or guard your shelter with confidence whilst being adequately protected.

Nuclear disaster

Nuclear disasters also have the capability to rock the world in a way that is unimaginable. No one could foresee the damage that would be caused by Fukushima and Chernobyl. With over 400 nuclear plants still in existence, it's not unlikely that at some point one of these plants will be the reason that humanity runs wilds. Scattering through the region with residents from all walks of life is hectic enough. But what happens when you're within close proximity to a group that wants to rob you of your resources?

Things can turn sour, really quickly. You've got a family to protect, and you've got yourself to look out for. Body armor will prove to be beneficial in such a scenario, not only for you, but also, for the other members of your family. When deciding on body armor, you want to opt for a lightweight carrier, one that is easily concealed. The ideal option will, therefore, be covert gear. A vest that incorporates the CoolMax feature will also be ideal as to prevent you from being uncomfortable and ineffective in high or low temperatures. As with a natural disaster, the best level to decide on is Level II. Through this gear, you'll be able to have more flexibility, achieve a high level of conceal-ability and stay protected throughout your venture for safety.

Terror attack

Terror attacks are another big threat. Its unpredictability, however, doesn't mean that you can't have just what you need to survive in such a situation. Your every day carry should by no means be lacking body armor. In such scenarios, the highest level of protection obtainable will offer you the best chance at surviving. Your priorities won't only be to protect yourself against other civilians fighting for their lives; you'll have terrorists roaming the country, seeking out their next target.

Expand Your EDC With A Bullet Proof Vest

Though heavier than vests of inferior levels, a concealable vest with level III rifle plates are what should be sought after when preparing for a terror attack. Other bullet-proof vests, including the Level IIIa won't offer protection against rifles, and because a terror attack is one that will see such deadly weapons, rifle plates are a necessity.

You have to choose the right strategy for you, but the addition of a bulletproof vest to your EDC and tactical arsenal is a great way to enhance your preps and daily safety.

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