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The best camping tables are durable, lightweight, fashionable, and most importantly, have a wide variety of applications in different scenarios.

Here are some of the best camping table ideas you could mull over before going on your next camping gear shopping trip.

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Top 7 Camping Table Ideas for Your Next Camping Trip

1. Coleman Outdoor Folding Table

The Coleman Outdoor Folding Table is an extremely compact aluminum folding table that is perfect for outdoor cookouts and camping. For a little over $30, this table also comes with a lightweight carrying bag for that added convenience.

It has an aluminum slat top with a strong steel frame that offers just the right amount of support and surface area for as many as 4 people. Its snap-together design also allows users to easily assemble and disassemble the table after use.

Despite its lightweight design, the table is very much durable. One user even reported placing 25-pound plates on the four corners of the table and observed no bows to the table's legs at any time. He also tried pushing the table from side to side, but it remained upright and intact.

Coleman Outdoor Compact Folding Table, Sturdy Aluminum Camping Table with Snap-Together...
10,512 Reviews
Coleman Outdoor Compact Folding Table, Sturdy Aluminum Camping Table with Snap-Together...
  • SEATS: 4
  • COMPACT STORAGE: Aluminum slat top rolls up
  • PORTABLE: Snap-together design sets up and breaks down with ease

2. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables

Next on our list, the Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables, a set of all-purpose, knee-height, camping tables that combine practicality with mobility. It's perfect not just for campers, but also for backpackers, beachgoers, and even for those who are just out for a picnic.

The tabletop is made from top-quality, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that makes it weather-resistant and easy to clean. It is also sturdy and stable enough to handle heavy tasks including cooking and cutting.

Setting it up is also easy with its foldable aluminum base frame and unique hinge designs that allow you to easily connect the table top to the frame. The table also comes in three sizes so make sure to check them out before making your purchase.

The table comes at a price of $45.99. Its durability and lightweight design, however, make that price tag worth it.

TREKOLOGY Camping Table That Fold Up Lightweight Small Folding Table Portable Folding Camp...
6,957 Reviews
TREKOLOGY Camping Table That Fold Up Lightweight Small Folding Table Portable Folding Camp...
  • Get Your Gear Off The Ground! After a long hard day trekking you need a table that can take what you...
  • Built To Weather The Storm: Unlike wooden or nylon-top portable tables, the aluminum table top is...
  • Light Enough To Carry & Store Almost Anywhere. These tables are substantially lighter & more durable...

3. SOVIGOUR Aluminum Folding Camping Table

Campsite breakfast | Camping table

Like the previous two camping tables on the list, the SOVIGOUR Aluminum Folding Camping Table is also made of the same material. It is also great for both indoor and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, or even just backdoor barbecuing.

This rectangle-shaped table also comes in three sizes. Additionally, its legs are equipped with a rubber outrigger that helps stabilize it in different environments.

Its lightweight and compact design make it ideal to carry around, regardless of what outdoor activity you might be planning on going. While the table is not sturdy enough to carry the weight of a person, it is more than sufficient for small items like snacks, drinks, and other food.

The table comes at a very affordable price of only $17.93.

SOVIGOUR Aluminum Folding Camping Table, Portable Compact Roll Up Camp Table, 3 Size...
  • WHAT YOU NEED:Our camping tables have three sizes, you can choose according to your needs. S -...
  • QUICK SET UP:The collapsible table can roll up in seconds and fit into an easy carrying bag,...
  • EXQUISITE PICNIC TABLE: Perfect for both indoor activities and outdoor picnics, camping, hiking,...

4. iClimb Ultralight Compact Camping Folding Table

The iClimb Ultralight Compact Camping Folding Table is one of the most affordable camping tables on this list. With a price of only $20.99 and a ton of convenient qualities, this camping table definitely gives you bang for your buck.

The table is ultralight and is also made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It weighs only 2.2 lbs. but still packs a lot of power as it is durable, waterproof, and resistant to corrosion and rust. The table is heat-resistant, making it safe for use when cooking with a stove placed on it.

iClimb's camping table also has an easy-to-setup design, with its unique hinged connection tabletop and anti-slipping rubber legs. It also comes with a lightweight carrying bag so you can easily take it with you when going fishing, camping, or maybe even just having some coffee in your garden at home.

iClimb Ultralight Compact Camping Alu. Folding Table with Carry Bag, Two Size (Black - S)
2,640 Reviews
iClimb Ultralight Compact Camping Alu. Folding Table with Carry Bag, Two Size (Black - S)
  • Unlike other similar tables with bungee cord connection, this table has unique hinged design...
  • Ultralight, made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, only 2.2 lbs; Max Load 66 lbs; Unlike wooden or...
  • Compact, packed size 17 × 5.9 × 2.76 inches; carry bag included, easy to carry everywhere; Unlike...

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5. GCI Outdoor Compact Camp Table 20

The GCI Outdoor Compact Camp Table 20 is perhaps the most compact camping table on this list. It has a remarkable one-piece compact design that allows it to fold down to about half the size of other camping tables.

Its patent-pending “telescoping technology” allows users to simply pull the legs down when using them and push them up when storing. The table then easily props up or folds on itself with a built-in handle so you can easily carry it around.

It is, however, slightly heavier than the first four camping tables on the list with a weight of 4 lbs. It more than makes up for this, however, with its capacity of up to 60 lbs.

The GCI Outdoor Compact Camp Table 20 has a price tag of $39.99.

GCI Outdoor Compact Camp Table 20 Outdoor Folding Table
  • ULTIMATE OUTDOOR DINING. With a unique one-piece design, the folding Compact Camp Table 20 holds up...
  • READY TO COOK. Safely use a small camp stove on the tabletop thanks to a strong, heat resistant...
  • BUILT FOR ADVENTURE. Enjoy the Compact Camp Table 20 wherever you go thanks to a built-in carry...

6. CampLand Outdoor Folding Table

The CampLand Outdoor Folding Table comes at a slightly heftier price tag of $64.99, but its features justify the amount you pay for it.

This camping table is bigger than most of the previous camping tables on the list. When setup, the table has a length of 47.24 inches and a width of 18.5 inches. It is also able to support as much as 66 lbs. or 30 kg.

The camping table is also equipped with zippered cartons that offer large storage spaces. You can use these  for a variety of reasons, including protecting your food from animals and bugs and storing your kitchen utensils before and after using them.

CampLand Outdoor Folding CampingTable with Aluminum Lightweight Height Adjustable with...
  • Folding table lightweight and compact design makes this camping folding table easy to transport and...
  • Camp table detachable, lightweight and durable; Made of MDF table top, 19mm aluminum Pipe and 600D...
  • Folding camping table sets up in seconds, providing a sturdy surface for meals, games, or other...

7. Sportneer Portable Camping Tables

The Sportneer Portable Camping Tables is yet another great piece of camping gear innovation. For a price of only $32.99, this aluminum alloy table is also equipped with a mesh storage compartment so you can store your things without them occupying space on the surface or getting dirty on the ground.

Like most of the items on the list, it is also lightweight and easy to assemble. It also has a reinforced aluminum frame with legs that are equipped with anti-slip caps.

The Sportneer Portable Camping Tables do provide value for money. The standard size is about 2 feet in length and 16 inches in width. If this is too big for you, the product also comes in 2 other sizes.

Sportneer Camping Table, Camping Tables That Fold Up Lightweight Camp Table Portable Table...
2,296 Reviews
Sportneer Camping Table, Camping Tables That Fold Up Lightweight Camp Table Portable Table...
  • Quickly Assembly: You can have your camping table ready in seconds just by popping the table open...
  • Lightweight & Portable: There’s nowhere you can’t go with camping tables that fold up...
  • Durable Design: Mother nature provides the ultimate test of equipment, and you can be sure that this...

Still thinking about which camping table to get? Consider grabbing some of the best camping gear and gadgets as well in this video courtesy of Gadget Buy Gear:

If you're planning on going camping, hiking, or taking a trip to the beach, then a camping table is a must-have for you. Check out our list of some of the best camping tables out there and choose whichever one suits your needs best.

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Do you have other camping table ideas in mind? Share them with us in the comments section below! 

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