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Learning some special camping recipes is an excellent way to spice up a rather dull outdoor night out. The cool thing is there’s nothing fancy about it. You just have to make use of what you have in your bug-out bag.

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23 Easy Camping Food Ideas

1. Hobo Ham and Egg ComboHam Egg and Cheese Sandwich for Breakfast-camping recipes

No camping would be complete without the ubiquitous ham and eggs partnership. However, this tandem could get a bit boring, isn’t it? Good thing we found a way to jazz this old recipe up.

You just need to chop those leftover hams then sauté on garlic and onion. After a couple of minutes, pour in a cup of beaten eggs then add some salt and pepper. Let it fry until cooked and you have a meal even Jack Kerouac would hitchhike for.

2. S'mOreos

Cooking s’mores on a cool summer night in the mountains of northern Idaho-easy camping recipes

This is a cool twist on the immortal s’mores. But instead of the same old same old, this one involves some Nutella for that extra oomph factor. All you need to do is slather that chocolate richness in between crunchy graham crackers and you’re all set

3. Bread a la Scrambled EggDelicious tourist breakfast on the camping. Frying scrambled eggs outdoors-traditional camping food

Craving for camping food on a budget? No problem. Get some leftover scrambled egg and yesterday’s bread. Toast the bread, reheat the egg, mix them all, and voila!

4. Sausage-Potato Ensemblesausages fried at the stake with potatoes. delicious camping lunch-classic camping food

If you want something smoky, savory, and healthy, this one is for you. Chop some sausages and potatoes, wrap them in foil, and cook it on an open fire. The smokiness and juiciness of this simple meal will make you forget about going home.

5. Granola Trail RemixTop view of granola on dark background in a jar with spoon-camping food on a budget

Think of this meal as if you are doing a freestyle dance mix a la Questlove of The Roots. Get some corn chips, pieces of crumbled cookies, marshmallows, and anything edible and tasty from your rucksack. Of course, the mix wouldn’t be complete without the groovy granola.

6. Sausages and Vegetable FiestaOutdoor shot of three friends enjoying barbecue party, grilling sausage, burgers and vegetable skewers-camping food hacks

This is similar to the savory sausage-potato ensemble. Only this time we will be using some vegetables. Celery, turnip, squash, pumpkin, tomato… wait, is tomato a vegetable? Whatever. As long as it tastes good.

7. Campfire Cinnamon Twist and ScoutCinnamon twisted loaf bread or babka on a dark wooden background-healthy camping meals

Need some energy to get through the day in the wild? This recipe will no doubt give you that much-needed zest. Just wrap cinnamons around skewers, warm it over the fire, brush with a healthy serving of butter, and sprinkle with some sugar. Wham!

8. Banana-Peanut Butter BlastPeanut butter and banana sandwich typical Australian camping meal-traditional camping food

Banana is nice. But with some finger-lickin' peanut butter, it’s nicer. Slit your banana’s lengthwise then slather a good serving of peanut butter. You can sprinkle a bit of fine salt on the top to add some flavor contrast.

9. Blues Man Soupmushroom soup-camping food on a budget

You can sing the blues better when you taste this classic camping food with a spicy twist. Open a can of mushroom or tomato soup and cook directly in an open fire. Add some leftover bread, chopped sausages, and onion. Season with tabasco or Worcestershire sauce, taste, and growl like Howlin’ Wolf in delight.

10. 24-Carrot Goldchicken spicy soup in pan on camping on hills-healthy camping meals

Got a lot of carrots in your rucksack? Got some leftover chicken stock in the makeshift kitchen too? Chop your carrots along with some onion and tomatoes and combine them all in boiling chicken broth. Add some crushed leftover bread or biscuit to thicken the golden-rich concoction.

11. Wu-Tang ClamHomemade Oyster Stew with Parsley and Crackers-camping food on a budget

Canned clam chowder is boring but with a bit of imagination, you put a Kung Fu kick on this rather humdrum processed meal. Boil your chowder with some onions and chopped vegetables. Pour in two packs of instant ramen along with a bit of seasoning to taste.

12. Beat on The Bratwurst SupperSimple outdoor cooking to enjoy in a skillet pan-easy camping meals for large groups

This is one of those easy camping meals for large groups. Get loads of bratwurst. Chop them into bite-size pieces along with mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes then put it all in a heavy-duty foil bag. Cook directly in an open fire. Add a dash of soy sauce and onion soup seasoning mix.

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13. Egg and Parmesan DelightScrambled eggs cooked on picnic fire-classic camping food

This is best for a nice breakfast during a cold morning in camp. Scramble some eggs, add a good serving of Parmesan cheese, and season with hot sauce for that extra zing. This zesty breakfast is best served with hot coffee.

14. Cheesy Hash Brown NuggetsBacon, sausage and hasbrowns cooking on a grill for breakfast at camp-favourite camping recipes

No book on camping recipes is complete without mentioning hash brown. This time though, we will make it cheesier. We’re going to add some bacon bits too to give it a savory touch.

15. Crunch ‘N’ Roll BreakfastMan preparing healthy breakfast with fruits and oat flakes outdoors on camping-healthy camping meals

Camping recipes like this is all about the texture. Crunch is king. What you need is some chopped apples, crushed granola, breakfast cereals, and corn chips. Pour some maple syrup, mix them all, and crunch until you drop.

16. Burgrrrrr!Camping food making. burgers on pan on tourist fire stove-camping food ideas

Nothing like a hot and spicy breakfast to start the day right. Crush some sausages, potatoes, and leftover bread. Add water and season it with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Make some patties from the mixture and fry to dark brown perfection.

17. Berry NiceBeautiful summer picnic on a green hill with cotton blanket, straw hat, fresh white wine and some apricots and berry-healthy camping meals

Berries are plentiful in the wild. If you can get hold of various edible varieties near your camp, then you got yourself a simple yet healthy snack. Just combine different berries together then add some cream, syrup, or depending on what’s available in camp.

18. Vegetable and Egg Saladhealthy-camping-breakfast-healthy-breakfast-plate-healthy-camping-meals

Healthy camping recipes? You’ve come to the right place. The ingredients that we need are some lettuce or green leafy vegetables plus chopped boiled egg. Dress it with vinegar or mayonnaise and you are ready to go.

19. Smoked Bread with SardinesA senior woman, prepare a slice of bread with canned sardines to eat at the mountain hut-camping food on a budget

Sick and tired of eating meat? You can put a little variety on your camp diet by dining on seafood of the canned variety. But first, you need to toast your bread over the fire. Be careful not to burn it. Once cooked, top it with canned sardines.

20. Corned Beef Ramen Surprisechopsticks noodles with smoke isolated on black background with clipping path-camping food hacks

This may seem odd but if handled properly, this actually tastes killer. Sauté corned beef in onion and garlic. Add some water and pour in the ramen seasoning. Boil the ramen separately. Once cooked, put the corned beef on top of the noodles. Enjoy!

21. Fish ‘N’ DipsCooking fish steaks over open fire while camping in nature-traditional camping food

Camping is nothing without hunting or fishing. And what’s the use of fish if it’s not going to the cooking table, or in this case, tin foil. Wrap the fish in tin foil and cook it directly in the fire. Make some dips out of mayonnaise, soy sauce, vinegar, hot sauce, and sugar.

22. Mac ‘N’ Cheese DelightMacaroni and Cheese Homemade Mac-N-Cheese-favourite camping recipes

Mac ‘N’ Cheese has become the go-to food for every cash-strapped college student all over the country. But this humble culinary delight is also versatile. Cook it with some mushrooms, onions, sausages, and eggs, and you have a quick and easy rustic meal.

23. French Toast ExtremeBaking french toast for breakfast at camp-camping food on a budget

Everybody loves French toast but did you know that you can also jazz up this old breakfast favorite? Depending on the availability of ingredients in camp, you can add more ingredients to make it even heartier. Sausages, cheese, and ham could turn this breakfast staple into a full all-day meal.

Watch this video of the camping recipes list by Outdoor Boys:

So, there you go. With these uncomplicated easy-to-do camping recipes, you can make sure that your next outdoor trip would be a blast. Happy camping and cooking!

When we think of traditional camping food, the first thing that comes into mind is barbecue. Though nothing compares to the taste of burnt meat, there is more to life than food on a fiery spit.

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