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Nevada and California are Now Completely in a Drought in 2021



Lake Mead, Nevada | Nevada and California are Now Completely in a Drought in 2021 | Featured

If you are having any doubts about the drought situation in California and Nevada, here is a closer look at the drastic dry conditions that are being experienced far and wide.

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An Indepth Look At the Dry Spell in California and Nevada

How is the drought situation in California and Nevada?

Granite Island and River Valley Along the North Fork California and Nevada SS

California and Nevada are now in complete drought following the dry conditions of two water years. As a result, there is a massive decrease in reservoir levels and low snowpack, which raises concerns for wildfires.

This level of drought has not been seen since the Dust Bowl and Great Depression days. Therefore, the reality of food shortage in America is likely to hit sooner than later. Besides California and Nevada, other states such as Colorado, Arizona, and the Prairie states are also experiencing drought.

Where in the Midwest Has the Drought Hit the Most?

Desert over sunset Valley of Fire State Park California and Nevada SS

Like California and Nevada, some states in the midwest have not been spared. Some of these include:

  • Illinois: Drought here, especially in the northeastern region, has intensified to extreme levels and now covers roughly 6% of the state. What’s more, abnormally dry conditions are also being experienced in the state’s east side and northern region. Therefore, about 27% of the state is experiencing drought.
  • Indiana: This is probably the least drought-stricken state of the Midwest. However, less than 1% of the state is experiencing drought conditions, but about 21% of the state reports abnormally dry conditions.
  • Iowa: Iowa has been in a dry spell for some time. About 8% of the state, which spans between 12 countries in its northwestern region, is considered to be in severe drought. Even worse, about 64% of Iowa is currently suffering from rough, dry conditions.
  • Nebraska: Though lucky enough to have received some much-needed rain, it wasn’t enough to end the drought. Therefore, moderate drought is at 16%, but 45% of the state suffers from dry conditions.
  • Michigan: Unfortunately, the case is not different in Michigan. Dry conditions are hitting about 78% of the state, 64% is in moderate drought, and 6% is in severe drought.
  • Minnesota: The drought condition in Minnesota is getting worse. Moderate drought has spread to 21% of the state, with two counties in the northwest experiencing severe drought. Generally, about 55% of the state is amid extreme dry conditions.

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How About the Drought Situation in the Southeast US?

Remains of Burned trees from droughtFire California and Nevada SS

Here, Virginia and North and South Carolina have also not been spared by the dry spell. Though New Mexico is generally a dry state, its moderate drought levels are at 99%, severe drought at 96%, extreme drought at 77%, and exceptional drought at 47%.

Though not mentioned much, about 6% of Texas is already experiencing exceptional drought. This is in addition to the 32%, 20%, and 12% of moderate, severe, and extreme drought, respectively.

What Are Some of the Consequences of the Drought So Far?

A prolonged drought in the West California and Nevada SS

Due to the dry spell, the snowpack has resided below average this year, not to mention the early snowmelt raising concerns.

What’s more, there are conflicts among farmers, tribes, upstream users, endangered fish, and municipal water systems over who should get priority on the limited water resources.

What Is the Best Way to Deal With the Drought?

The remains of the great pleistocene Lake Lahontan California and Nevada SS

Unlike what most people think, drought is not a result of some mysterious CO2-based climate change. Instead, it is a combination of human action, natural phenomena, and lack of preparation, adaptation, and problem-solving by authorities.

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Therefore, your best chance is not to wait for the government to provide solutions for the drought in California and Nevada, and beyond. Instead, the best you can do is prepare yourself and your families the best way you can.

Watch this video by FOX 13 News Utah on startling video shows low water levels in Utah reservoirs:

There you have it, survivalists. The drought is already here, and regardless of whatever reasons you think could be the cause, it is only safe to assume that there will be no reasonable solutions soon enough. Therefore, prepare yourself for the worst as you hope for the best.

Are you prepared for the dry spell?

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Has your state been struck by drought? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Micala

    August 5, 2021 at 11:36 AM

    Arizona is always a drier state being that the majority of the state is desert. However up in the high desert during the past three weeks, we have had rain every day on and off throughout the day. Last week we had such a severe electrical storm with sheets of rain falling that our normally 6 ft x 10 ft draining culverts that run throughout our hillside neighborhood crested three feet above the top with raging waters flowing down our street and into many people’s homes that were below the culvert! Several homes on our street experienced flooding inside their homes. We are above the culvert so we were fine.

    The amount of rain the upper desert got the past few weeks has greened up our valleys and plains. Thank heavens! Hopefully the Fire Season will skip over this part of AZ because of the excellent soaking of our lands. Even below in the Phoenix Valley got a good showering too. Time will tell about our aquifers and the levels at this point!

  2. Pollty

    August 5, 2021 at 11:51 AM

    The earth heaves under the weight of the the lands

  3. Faafetai

    August 5, 2021 at 12:05 PM

    Only one thing for America to do. Get on our knees and ask God for forgiveness as the leaders of our nation are eliminating His Holy name from our Nation’s constitution, schools, military and churches to please spear His innocent children and punish those who are leading this movement of eliminating His Holy Name from our Country. Through out history our Heavenly Father has sacrificed His innocent children that He may punished the wicked. Let’s plead with our Heavenly Father to save His innocent children and punished the wicked who are leading us away from Him. Yes, we need to ask our Heavenly Father in the Holy name of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ amen. This the only way we can save our great nation built Under God with liberty and justice for all. Our beautiful Currency states In God We Trust. It is the reason America is the Home if the Brave and Land of the Free. It is because of God the Creator of all things including this great Nation as the land of opportunity where people come to search out the American Dream.
    Unfortunately our great Nation is run by people who do not believe in God. If they say they do, they are the people that God spoke about that they are close to Him with their lips but so far away with their hearts. Say one thing and do another. They promise America what they will do for the people but do the opposite after they are elected. Right now we need to press forward with an eye single to God and He will deal with the unjust that is going on in our nation’s leadership. May God bless America.

  4. walter

    August 5, 2021 at 12:08 PM

    thank goodness they didn’t build any new resevoirs and disturb the little snaildarters or the lower river minnows! suck on a rock

  5. wvweights

    August 10, 2021 at 12:26 PM

    Just wondering of the so called state of calif is still letting tons of water go to that bait fish they seem to be so worried about? Have not seen anything posted on the subject in quite a long time.

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