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Beat Cabin Fever In 7 Smart Ways



Cabin fever is an unavoidable situation we experience when confined indoors for a long period, especially during winter or during hunting and fishing off-season. Before you settle on your bed or couch to sleep, you might want to check out some of these ways to beat cabin fever.

Overcoming Cabin Fever With These Indoor Activities

Cabin fever, also known as winter blues, can affect your health physically and mentally. Being forced to stay indoors without a ray of sunshine will probably drive the sanity out of you. Although it affects each person differently, it can occur as fast as two days or as long as 7 days. Here are some ideas for you to beat cabin fever:


1. Read A Good Book

Read A Good Book | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
The most obvious and easiest way to break your boredom is to read. Either read an old favorite or hoard from the nearest bookstore from your place. You might also have that one book you've been meaning to read but don't have the time to do so. This is the perfect time to open and read the dust-collecting book! Find a cozy spot where you can comfortably enjoy your book.


2. Invest On A New Hobby

Invest On A New Hobby | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
This is the best time to finally start a new hobby you've always wanted to try. Just be sure to purchase your supplies before getting stuck. Some hobbies you could try indoors include cooking, whittling, woodcrafting, or starting your very own indoor garden.


3. Board Games

Board Games | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
Playing board games is much more fun and exciting rather than playing on your mobile phones. It's a very nice way to bond with your family and friends. Invest on a good board game like chess, monopoly, or scrabble. One thing I like about playing board games is it develops your critical thinking while being entertained.


4. Try A New Recipe

Try A New Recipe | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
When you love cooking, staying at home is the perfect way to hone your skills. Everyone loves a good home-cooked meal. Impress your friends and family with the new recipe you've learned instead of your signature dish you've been preparing for them most of the time!


5. Home Projects

Home Projects | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
Another way to beat cabin fever is to do some cleaning and rearranging. If you've got nothing better to do and your survival gear or fishing equipment needs a little dusting off, get on your feet and start the cleaning! Perhaps your garage needs organizing as well, there are a lot of DIY projects you can easily do to help you beat cabin fever. This is also a great way to break a sweat and keep the happy hormones coming.


6. TV Series or Movie Marathon

TV Series or Movie Marathon | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
Watching old classics or new movies with everyone is always a good idea. You can watch horror or thriller movies to keep the excitement going. Binge watching on the TV series you've failed to follow will also do. A good batch of homemade popcorn and hot chocolate will be the star of the night.


7. Plan Activities

Plan Activities | Beat Cabin Fever In Smart Ways
When stuck indoors, we always spend time daydreaming about outdoor activities. Turn those daydreams into a plan. Plan your family's summer vacation — it's the perfect time to synchronize your calendars and search for the perfect summer getaway.


Beat cabin fever during fishing off-season by watching this video from Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing:

Being bored to death is not an exaggeration when stuck indoors during winter or hunting and fishing off-season. Cabin fever can be avoided — you just have to plan and be prepared. Search for activities such as these 7 ways listed above your friends and family can also enjoy.

Cabin Fever | Beat Cabin Fever In 7 Smart Ways

What are the things you do to beat cabin fever? Share your Survival Life stories in the comments section below!

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