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Best Sleeping Bags for Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking



Young woman waking up in red sleeping bag | Best or Top Sleeping Bags for Hiking, Camping, Backpacking | Featured

Every prepper knows how indispensable a good sleeping bag is. Check out this compilation of the best sleeping bags in the market that are a worthy investment for outdoorsmen.

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7 Best Sleeping Bags Every Survivalist Needs to Invest In

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1. Western Mountaineering Ultralite

Caucasian female hiker drinking beverage Best sleeping bags SS

This mummy sleeping bag comes with a 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating and will keep you cozy in various climate conditions. What’s more, it features a full down collar to seal in the heat around your neck without extra bulkiness.

Also, its 16oz lofting down elevates it up to five inches, giving you ample room to sleep. This is in addition to the sleeping bags’ 5’6″, 6′, and 6’6″ lengths with girths ranging from 59″ and 60″.

Note: It comes with a full length YKK zipper

2. Klymit KSB 20°F Sleeping Bag

Two young tourist lying in sleeping bag Best sleeping bags SS

You will love the Klymit KSB sleeping bag if you are looking for a pocket-friendly one. While it is not as lightweight as most backpackers would love, it is warm, which is also essential.

It also has ample space for your shoulders, which adds to its comfortable fit. Its cinched baffles enable the bag and the insulation to move together, allowing even heat distribution and zero hot spots during the night.

It is available in only one size, but it features adjustable length locks that allow you to reduce the length of the bag to up to 15 inches and therefore accommodating people of various heights.

3. Western Mountaineering AlpinLite

Happy woman in sleeping bag Best sleeping bags SS

Western Mountaineering is renowned for its high-quality products, and the AlpinLite is no different. It boasts high-quality material and smart features such as a draft collar, no-snag zipper, a full-length draft tube, not to mention a perfectly shaped hood and foot box.

Though expensive, this Western Mountaineering AlpinLite will last you decades when well maintained.

Note: Western Mountaineering’s Versatile and UltraLite are warmer and narrower versions of the AlpinLite, respectively.

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4. Kelty Cosmic Down Fill Sleeping Bag

Girl resting in her car Best sleeping bags SS

This is the sleeping bag for you if you are looking for something affordable and don’t mind some extra weight and bulkiness. Its weight, however, makes it ideal for car campers, while its low price is friendly to beginners trying out camping.

Though it does not compare to the expensive sleeping bags in this list, it is comfortable and functional to serve its purpose. The Kelty Cosmic sleeping bag is a choice tough to beat when functionality and price are the primary considerations. Otherwise, consider investing in a bag with more features if you plan to backpack for years to come.

5. Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag

Rolled sleeping bag and mat on rock Best sleeping bags SS

The Nemo Disco Sleeping Bag stands out because of its unique shape that features a little more room than your typical mummy bags. This makes it an excellent choice for side sleepers.

Moreover, it features other luxurious features such as “thermo gills” that help vent heat during warm nights and a pocket to hold your pillow in place.


  • The primary concern with roomy sleeping bags is that they are not heat efficient as your body has to warm up the extra space
  • Due to more room, you can expect this sleeping bag to be heavier and bulky

6. Big Agnes Diamond Park 30

Camping in the forest Best sleeping bags SS

The Big Agnes Diamond Park 30 is undoubtedly the perfect blend between comfort and functionality. Thanks to an 80-inch girth across the top of the bag, wide-shouldered campers have more than enough room for free movement and turning.

Alternatively, narrow-shouldered campers can use the hand pockets to snuggle the bag around themselves. Moreover, its wraparound zipper allows you to remove the insulating layer to use it as a camp blanket.

7. Coleman Sleeping Bag

Trekking and overnight with sleeping bag Best sleeping bags SS

Though quite affordable, the Coleman Sleeping Bag comes in only one length. This makes it unsuitable for shorter campers as the extra space in the foot box exposes them to cold in the limbs.

It is roomy, especially for female campers, but its no-snag zipper allows for a stress-free in and out. What’s more, the bag can get drafty when pushed to the limit, but that does not mean that it will not get you through summer camping.

Pro Tips

  • A good sleeping pad will provide you with an extra layer of cushioning and excellent insulation from the cold ground.
  • Carrying an extra pair of thick socks ensures that you have a clean pair to swap into before entering your sleeping bag. Besides, the socks will keep your feet warm and dry.
  • A sleeping bag liner will add some warmth while keeping the inside clean.
  • Consider using a pack of hand warmers to generate extra heat inside your bag. Alternatively, you can use a bottle of warm water, provided it is not leaking.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

How To Choose A Sleeping Bag

There you have it, preppers. With this detailed review, you are now better equipped to settle for a sleeping bag that best suits your needs and budget. Also, keep in mind that a sleeping bag is only as good as its worst accessory in some cases. This way, you will know better than to go for basic accessories like a sleeping pad.

Watch this video by Paul Messner on camping for beginners |how to choose a sleeping pad, mat or mattress:


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