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The best way to prepare for a bear attack is to make sure you keep those towering beasts as far away from you as possible with the best bear spray you can get. Check out this list of the best bear spray options in the market so you're equipped to do just that in case of a bear encounter.

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The 7 Best Bear Spray to Keep You Safe in Bear Country

1. Counter Assault 10.2 oz. Bear Deterrent with Night Glow Locator & Tactical Holster

Polar bears | Best bear spray

The Counter Assault Bear Deterrent is one of the best bear spray options there is in the market for a number of reasons.

  • This bear spray has a spray range of up to 32 feet. This means you do not need to be close to the bear before making your move.
  • Its formula includes capsaicin and other related capsaicinoid products that temporarily disable the ability of a bear to not only see, but also smell.
  • This bear spray is effective against all types of bears, including polar bears.
  • It has an 8-second continuous spray that lasts longer than most brands.
  • It has been carefully tested for leaks and has a 4-year shelf life so you don't have to replace it every year.
  • It features a night glow locator that surely comes in handy once the sun goes down. This makes it easier to identify and locate bears who can easily blend into the dark.
  • It also comes with a tactical belt holster so it's always ready to use.
  • The bear spray meets the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements for its Significant New Alternative Policy (S.N.A.P.) certification.
  • It is made in Montana, the USA's bear country.

Counter Assault - EPA Certified, Maximum Strength & Distance Bear Repellent Spray -...
  • FARTHEST REACHING BEAR REPELLENT - Counter Assault is the industry leader in bear repellent spray...
  • “HOTTEST” FORMULA ALLOWED BY LAW - 2% capsaicin and related capsaicinoid products temporarily...
  • 8 SECOND CONTINUOUS SPRAY - Our spray lasts longer than basically any other brand, is leak tested...

2. Udap Bear Spray with Griz Guard Holster

Growling black bear | Best bear spray

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Udap Bear Spray is that it was designed by an actual bear attack survivor. Because of this, it is pretty safe to say that it was carefully manufactured and created to ensure survival in case of a bear attack.

  • Claims to be the “hottest bear spray allowed by law.”
  • One of its users said that it was “potent as hell.” Other users have also stated that it is effective even against rabid, charging dogs.
  • This bear spray disperses in a broad spray pattern with a range of up to 30 feet.
  • As an added bonus, the product comes in a very appealing orange color.
  • It also has a holster that makes it look stylish while also offering a superior grip.

Udap Bear Spray Safety Orange Color Griz Guard Holster (Black)
  • Includes Exclusive Griz Guard Holster
  • Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog
  • Developed By A Bear Attack Survivor

3. Udap Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holder

Brown bear | Best bear spray

The Udap Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holder essentially has the same formula as the second item on this list. It also comes with the same potent bear repellant formula that sprays at a range of up to 30 feet. Additionally, this product has a broad spray pattern and also comes in that same stylish orange color.

Instead of the griz guard holster, however, this one has a camo hip holster. If the griz guard holster that was included in the other Udap bear spray isn't for you, then maybe this one is. The holster also ensures that your bear spray is always handy and doesn't fall off easily.

Udap Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holster
  • Includes camouflage hip holster.
  • Hottest Bear Spray Formula at 2% CRC
  • Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog!

4. Guard Alaska Bear Spray Repellent with Belt Clip Holster

Black bear prowling | Best bear spray

The Guard Alaska Bear Spray Repellent is one reliable bear spray for many reasons.

  • Its continuous spraying capability can last up to 9 straight seconds compared to most brands the only lasts about 5-7 seconds.
  • Formulated with Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Bear Safe Formula, a natural ingredient extracted from hot peppers.
  • This bear spray causes the membranes of the eyes, nose, and lungs of the bear to engorge, resulting in their restriction of breathing, temporary loss of sight, and a painful burning sensation.
  • It is also fairly easy to use. Just pull off the orange safety tab on top of the canister, and spray the formula by pressing the actuator button.
  • It has a spray range of approximately 15-20 feet.
  • This brand comes with a metal belt clip holster.
  • The hook and loop closure flap should allow you to access your bear spray easily should the need for it arise.

Guard Alaska 9 oz. Bear Spray and Pepper Defense Belt Clip Holster - Maximum Strength -...
  • EFFECTIVE BEAR PROTECTION - Includes ONE (1) Guard Alaska 9 oz. bear spray canister and ONE (1)...
  • TESTED & PROVEN - Guard Alaska was intensively tested for six years in the Alaska wild, and it is...
  • 9 SECOND CONTINUOUS SPRAY - Releases 9 ounces of bear protection in 9 seconds, or it can be fired in...

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5. Mace Brand Bear Spray

Grizzly bear | Best bear spray

The Mace Brand Bear Spray is another popular brand of bear spray. Like Guard Alaska's bear spray, this one is also formulated with Oleoresin Capsicum.

  • It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of its manufacture.
  • This product is easy to use, with the user only needing to press the actuator button on top of the handgrip to activate the spray.

The Mace Brand Bear Spray does, however, have a shorter spray time of only 6 seconds. It makes up for this with its power fogger spray that has a range of up to 35 feet.

Mace Brand Personal Security Products Guard Alaska Maximum Strength Bear Spray – 20’...
  • ACCURATE PROTECTION – Accurate & effective, the Mace Guard Alaska Bear Spray has an advanced...
  • EFFECTS – The OC Bear Safe Formula is a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers that is EPA...
  • STAY PROTECTED OUTDOORS: Always stay protected while experiencing the great outdoors. This Mace...

6. Griz Guard Bear Spray

Growling polar bear | Best bear spray

The Griz Guard Bear Spray is a strong bear spray that claims to have the most powerful formula allowed by the EPA. This bear spray was also designed by a survivor of a grizzly bear attack, giving you that seal of approval that this has actually been tried and tested by an actual authority in surviving bear attacks.

  • Has a range of up to 35 feet.
  • It works on all bear species.
  • The US-made bear spray also comes with a hip holster that easily attaches to either your tactical belt or backpack.
  • This bear spray deploys high volumes of its pepper spray formula in powerful and concentrated shotgun-patterned blasts.
  • It also has a unique shoot-from-the-holster design for that added convenience.

7. Frontiersman Bear Spray with Holster

Brown bear near river | Best bear spray

The Frontiersman Bear Spray is one of the oldest and most established bear spray brands out there in the market. Like most of the bear sprays on this list, it also has the same hot and stinging formula as the other EPA-licensed bear spray brands here.

  • It features a holster that comes with a glow-in-the-dark safety mechanism. This allows survivalists for easy location should a bear come prowling in the campsite late at night.
  • It also has a special tie attachment mechanism that prevents users from misplacing it.


Done picking the best bear spray for you? Learn how else you can prevent and handle bear encounters with this video courtesy of TheOutdoorGearReview:

Seeing a bear in the wild can be extremely distressing especially to the unprepared. Make sure you're equipped to deal with a bear encounter by checking out and choosing from the list of the best bear spray options above.

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