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Patriotic Infographics | All Things American

The 4th of July is a holiday that means so much to so many Americans.

Patriotism is at a high as everyone comes together to celebrate our nation’s birthday and what it truly means to be an from the US of A.

In honor of this special day, we have made a list packed full of patriotism.

These infographics have all sorts of interesting and surprising trivia about the US, our founding, how we celebrate, and where the most patriotic Americans reside.

Read on and know your facts in time for tomorrow’s celebration.

Most Patriotic Names In America

Were you born to love this great nation? Find out if your name is among the most patriotic with this infographic.


Most Influential Americans

Find out who helped transform America into the hugely influential global super power we are today. You might be surprised…


Fourth Food Safety

A few tips to keep you nice and healthy at your Independence Day barbecues, courtesy of our founding fathers.


Fourth Of July By The Numbers

From the Declaration Of Independence to hot dog consumption, we’ve got the numbers here for you.


Facts and Figures – Fourth Of July Celebrations

Ever wondered


Most Patriotic States – Does Your State Make The Cut?

Based on several factors, including who’s food and booze spending increases the most on Independence Day.



You probably never realized that there was so much about the 4th of July you didn’t know. Did you learn anything new from these infographics? Tell us in the comments.


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