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UVPaqlite: A Childhood Toy With Glowing Potential



Ok Guys and Gals one of the first things that I wanted to show you  that I picked up from the Self Reliance Expo is the UVPaqlite.

I had seen this odd looking green bag at every single one of the survival and self reliance expos that I have attended over the last few years.

(In fact they will also be at the NRA convention that I am heading to in Houston later today)

I had never really given them much of a thought until my wife came out of their “blackout” tent and dragged me back in.

At first i thought that these were just a normal glowstick like the ones that I grew up with, until I watched this:

I shot this video on my phone and I couldn't believe how bright the little key chain got.

I talked to Theresa and Alexis and they explained a little bit about what made these work so well and how they worked… but I could never fully explain it back to you. 🙂

Luckily they have it posted on their site:

What Makes UVPaqlite Products Brighter?
Glow-in-the-dark intensity (brightness) depends on the particle size; generally, the bigger the particles, the better the glow. Our products use patent pending larger crystals of strontium aluminate making them brighter, charge faster, and even glow longer than emergency signage.

How Do the Crystals Charge?
Strontium aluminate is a photoluminescent phosphorous material, it absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) & UV rays to charge. It does NOT require direct or indirect sunlight to charge. It will charge well in low level indoor light conditions.

Basically, these are not the everyday glow in the dark stars that every child has stuck to their ceilings at some point.

And after having to put the larger Paqlite in a drawer just to be able to get some sleep (I can't sleep unless it's pitch black and this thing lit up the whole room!), that these things work.

These things fit perfectly in just about any back pack are fully flexible and take up no space at all.

You can use them for everything from emergency lightning in a survival situation where you need to save every second of battery life, to just finding your keys in the dark.

The Price is a little higher than I would have expected for “glow” lights, but after 24 hours these things were still glowing, it does show that you really do get what you pay for.

I personally have the Medium Paqlite and the UVgloStick ( I'm going to be using this one for my go bag and or keychain when I go camping)

I have found a few of the  paqlites on amazon:

More Options On Amazon

But your best bet is going to be to head straight to their site     They have a pretty cool set that they call the Scout Pack.

The Scout Pack.  chas a wide range of glow products inside it for multiple uses. and it only runs about $20.00 ( + shipping)

Now I know that this doesn't replace a good flashlight, but in any situation where light is limited and batteries need to be saved for extreme circumstances, these could really hep you out.

What do ya'll think?

Have you used these before?

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  1. Chandler

    May 2, 2013 at 10:16 PM

    I have the Scout Pack from UVPaqlite. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan where my living quarters is a connex. When you close the door to the room it is DARK! We do have electricty, but it’s dependent on generators that are generally, though not completely, reliable. I’ve hung the items from the Scout Pack at key points (the door, the corner of the wooden “wardrobe” (so I don’t stub my toe or hit my knee on it in the dark), and on my rifle (pistol stays w/me, always.)) around the room to make finding things or exiting quickly in an emergency w/o a light a simple thing.

    I will be buying more of them when I return to the US to have for the house, camping, and to put in emergency survival kits I’m assembling as gifts.

  2. cindy

    May 3, 2013 at 1:15 PM

    Wow – prepper fun for the kids! This could occupy them during a possibly scary power outage, as well as the just be a practical way to save your flashlight batteries. Love this!

  3. Dennis

    June 15, 2014 at 6:26 PM

    I realize the article is a year old, but I thought I’d pass this on anyway.

    I have both a UV Glowstik and one of their UV necklace in my “EDC” kits I recently made up for my family.

    Batteries eventually go stale, though some do have a long shelf life. These won’t ever become useless hunks, though of course they are limited in their “photon output.”

    Enough light to help someone against the dark…and with a reflector, an itty bitty directional light. (A little aluminum foil in the kit too!)

    So I like them. Enough to spend some money so everyone in my extended family has a set in their kit.

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