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7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her | Self-Defense Weapons For Women



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If your girl's safety and peace of mind matter to you, then show your undying love and affection by giving your lady self-defense weapons that she can carry. Choose the best Valentine's day gifts for her and let it be known that your love will always protect her.

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Valentine's Day Gifts For Her Safety And Protection

valentines-day-concept-happy-couple-love Valentine's Day gifts for her

1. Tactical Pen

tactical-blade-pen Valentine's Day gifts for her

Customarily, a pen's sole duty is for writing, but when faced with imminent danger, it can also be a very powerful self-defense weapon. So this coming Valentine's Day, give your lady a tactical pen she can use for writing, but also to defend herself from any perpetrator.

With these tactical pens, it clearly shows the pen is mightier than the sword. She'll love this exceptional pen.

2. Lipstick Pepper Spray

A stylish lipstick pepper spray is one of the best Valentine's day gifts for her. This non-lethal and concealed deterrent is a very effective self-defense weapon that will provide you and your lady some peace of mind.

3. Cold Steel Honeycomb Hairbrush

Looking for unique Valentine's gift ideas for her? This hairbrush is something you should look into.

It is not an ordinary hairbrush. An 8-inch dagger made from tough nylon and fiberglass material is hidden in the comb's head.

This personal grooming aid may seem harmless, but an attacker will be caught by surprise when this brush transforms into an assailant neutralizer.

4. Paracord Monkey Fist

paracord-trinket-accessorie-casual-style-monkey Valentine's Day gifts for her

This monkey fist is one awesome weapon to add to your list of Valentine's Day gift for her. It will surely put her assailant on the ground.

It may look like a cute keychain but it's a really powerful weapon. Wrapped in high-quality paracord is a 1-inch steel ball that can knock an attacker out cold when smashed on the head.

It also comes in different colors she will certainly love.

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5. Cat Personal Safety Keychain

These cat personal safety keychains are absolutely adorable. But don't be fooled by its cuteness because it is an effective self-defense that can ward off an assailant.

This keychain is a set of brass knuckles in the shape of a cat's head, with its eyes as the grip. It's the perfect gift this Valentine's Day to ensure her safety and survival every time she walks through dark streets.

6. Go Guarded Self Defense Ring

In the event of imminent danger, and with zero time to look in her bag and grab a bulky and heavy self-defense weapon, this Go Guarded self-defense ring can surely save her against assailants. It has a pointed tip that protrudes automatically every time the wearer makes a fist.

She just needs to slide it on her finger before she walks home and for sure she will feel safe. Another awesome Valentine's Day gift for your lovely lady.

7. Lipstick Stun Gun

This self-defense weapon looks like real lipstick–no intimidation factor involved. But once you take off the cap, any attacker will surely hesitate to make his move.

It contains millions of bolts and its flashlight can leave an assailant blind. Inconspicuous and easy-to-conceal weapons such as these lipstick stun guns will definitely put a smile on her face this Valentine's Day.

This coming Valentine's Day, show her you really love her by giving one of these remarkable weapons as one of the Valentine's Day gifts for her. Because at the end of the day, her safety is what matters to you most.

Empower her to defend herself and stay away from harm through these exceptional weapons. But take note — when choosing the best self-defense weapon for her, you need to keep in mind that the comfortability of carrying it every day is one of the biggest factors.

If she finds bringing it a burden, then most likely she will not have it on her and that defeats the whole purpose of an everyday carry self-defense weapon.

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