This handy wallet tool contains everything you need to survive if you ever run into an emergency situation. Explore the wilderness with the comfort of knowing the Military Grade Survival Tool.

Seamlessly slide our Multi-Tool into your wallet and store it there until that one day that an Emergency may come. It easily can fit into a purse, bag, backpack, car glove box, Emergency kit and even just your pocket.


Measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/4″

Put Your Bulky Tackle Box to Rest With the Stone Mountain Wallet Fisherman™
This wallet-sized fishing kit packs everything you need whether you're on the water or caught unprepared on land.

23 Essential Tools in 1 Easy To Carry Card

  • Stainless Steel Knife – Clean your catch or cut line with the handy detachable knife!
  • Saw Blade – An incredibly durable micro saw blade.
  • 4 Double Hooks – Catch anything from sun perch to bluegill cat
  • 9 Single Hooks – You need to have backup, just in case a fish gets away with your hook!
  • 3 Prong Spear which doubles as a frog gig – for spearing some succulent and delicious frog legs
  • Arrowhead – secure it to a stick and create a silent and deadly weapon
  • 2 Snare locks – Snare small game and feed yourself and your family when a body of water isn't close by!
  • 2 Needles – Repair tents, rafts or even your clothes!
  • Corrosion Resistant – whether it never leaves your wallet or spends a lifetime in the surf, you never need to worry about it rusting or wearing down.


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