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3 Survival Knives You Need From Blade-Tech Industries

On the lookout for survival knives? Blade-Tech Industries focuses on what their customers need in blade technology. They supply members of law enforcement and the armed forces as well as hunting enthusiasts and survival experts. Blade-Tech Industries is ever increasing their research and development. As an American manufacturer Blade-Tech Industries puts their country first and supplies only the best. With this in mind, here are three of Blade-Tech’s best survival knives.

Survival Knives | The Best From Blade-Tech Industries

The RipTide Karambit

The RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries is a Karambit style knife and rapidly deploys via a lever located on the back of the blade itself. This knife is also assisted by a kicker so the blade is easily deployed with the tip of the index finger. The belt clip is an ambidextrous belt clip allowing left-handed individuals all the same benefits as right-handed individuals. The finger well is smooth and not oversized making the RipTide a great hunting and self-defense blade in cold weather while gloves are worn. The RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries also features the Emerson “WAVE” and “IKBS” patented systems which can be pulled from the pocket, forcing the blade out both quickly and safely for the user. The RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries also features:

For hunting, the RipTide blade is a great blade to have on hand for on-the-spot cutting. For self-defense, the RipTide by Blade-Tech Industries is a must have for everyday carry because of its rapid deployment for instant use. With an extremely sharp edge and fine point, the RipTide blade by Blade-Tech Industries is a great tool to have for everyday survival.

Blade-Tech Riptide Folding Knife, Black
  • Blade steel AUS8 (Flat ground); Blade-Tech V-Hole; Precision D-Nut "Torx" head blade pivot
  • Ambidextrous tip down (only) pocket clip
  • Double nested liners with radius ramp liner lock

Check out more of the RipTide blade by Blade-Tech Industries here!

The Pro Hunter

The Pro Hunter blade by Blade-Tech Industries is a trusted folding survival knife amongst seasoned hunters and professionals in the law enforcement and military communities. An ambidextrous clip allows for all individuals left or right hand dominant to have quick access in a moment’s notice to their blade. The textured handle increases grip while the Blade-Tech V-Hole ensures rapid deployment of this survival combat blade even in cold weather while gloves are worn. The Pro Hunter by Blade-Tech Industries also features:

The Pro Hunter blade is an excellent choice for all hunters but still remains one of the most popular knives amongst members of the armed forces. From police to special forces the Pro Hunter blade by Blade-Tech Industries is more than reliable and a top pick for everyday carry.

Check out more of the Pro Hunter blade by Blade-Tech Industries here!

The Pro Hunter Jr.

The Pro Hunter Jr., much similar to its counterpart the Pro Hunter, is a smaller version but still packs just as hard of a punch. The textured handle allows for increased grip for this E.D.C knife as well as both left and right-handed individuals will be satisfied by the Pro Hunter Jr. due to its ambidextrous clip. The blade itself features a Blade-Tech V-Hole which ensures a rapid deployment even while gloves are on. The Pro Hunter Jr. and the Pro Hunter are both designed by Tim Wegner founder of Blade-Tech Industries. The Pro Hunter Jr. also features:

Blade-Tech Pro Hunter Junior Knife Black
  • A Distinctive Knife Made With High Quality Materials!

By itself, the Pro Hunter Jr. blade by Blade-Tech Industries is an excellent hunting knife and everyday carry knife. The pocket clip allows the Pro Hunter Jr. to be attached to your belt for quicker reach. Designed with all the needs a hunter could ever ask while simultaneously exceeding the needs of members of the law enforcement community and armed forces branches the Pro Hunter Jr. is one of the most trusted blades available on the market.


Check out the Pro Hunter Jr. by Blade-Tech Industries in this video by Alden Morris: 

There goes a few of the quality knives from Blade-Tech Industries. Whether you’re looking for tactical, survival, or hunting knives, Blade-Tech gives you the best knife options to choose from. Determine how you’re going to use the blade, then take your pick among these kickass survival knives.

Do you own any of these knives from Blade-Tech Industries? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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