• self sufficiency, self sufficiency skills, homesteading skills, survival skills, prepper skills
    Self Sufficiency Skills Every Prepper Should Learn

    Self sufficiency is a must if you’re planning on homesteading. Becoming a full-fledged homesteader is a learning process; it takes constantly learning new skills and honing those you already have. Just like other major life decisions, the...

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  • ebola virus, ebola outbreak, ebola safety, disease prevention, and disaster survival
    The Ebola Virus: Be Careful and You Will Survive!

    With the ebola virus hitting American soil and the recent diagnosis of a doctor in New York, there has been a lot of information (and misinformation) flying around about the virus. In this article, I’m going to...

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  • red light for night vision
    Night Vision: The Case for Red at Night

    (Based on the book Power Out! How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse) Seeing at night can be a challenge. Moving about when it’s dark without disturbing sleeping people is a skill that can be...

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  • how to deal with looters
    7 Tips for Surviving a Mob of Looters

    The riots in Ferguson, MO may have died down for now, but they leave a lasting memory that serves to once again proven how fragile society is and how many problems can be caused by violent looters. All...

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  • tactical pen review
    Tactical Pen: Mightier Than The Sword

    Sometimes carrying a knife or a firearm just isn’t an option… But that doesn’t mean you should be left defenseless. You have other options How would you like to carry with you something that is 100% legal...

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  • emergency flashlight power
    Emergency Lighting | Flashlight Power

    Flashlight technology has come a long way since 1899 when British inventor David Misell obtained a U.S. Patent for an “electric device” using newly-invented “D-size dry cell” batteries. When he introduced the hand held light he initiated...

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  • prepper expo
    Prepper Camp 2014 |Prepper Expo| Meet The Experts

    Prepper Camp will be held on September 12 through 14 in the hill country of Saluda, North Carolina. The prepper expo will of course offer plenty of the sit down, listen, and take notes style presentations now...

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  • survival-knife-reviews
    The Best Survival Knife Ever Made? | SCHF9 Review

    Schrade’s SCHF9 is a knife that has captured the attention of many folks in the bushcraft and survival community over the past few years. Having seen so many YouTube videos of people that are extremely satisfied with...

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  • justice scales silhouette
    Six In One Hand… A Half Dozen In The Other.

    What is the difference between a Survivalist and a Prepper? No, this isn’t a trick question and I do think there are very big differences between someone who calls themselves a survivalist and someone who prefers to...

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