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    Why Air Guns Make The Best Survival Weapons

    Claiming that airguns are the best survival weapons may seem crazy. I know many of you must be thinking, “How in the world could a children’s toy possible be a good option as a survival weapon? There’s...

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    Firearms Training On A Budget

    Congratulations! You have taken an approved eight hour concealed carry course, and you have recieved a brand new shiny CCW endorsement of your very own. Now, it’s time to hit the range with your new handgun and...

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    6 Survival Guns For Your Arsenal

    Do you own a master-of-all trades weapon? A rifle with which you can take large and small game? How about one that can defend your family and home from an attacker or multiple attackers? Something that is accurate...

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  • Is a Shotgun the best Survival Tool?

    Commentary: Click Here to listen to the audio Podcast ( in a popup).  Jack Spirko from the survival Podcast gives his view on the “ultimate” survival gun.  I for one do not agree that a shotgun is...

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    Best Survival Gun

    Commentary:  This Fantastic .22 rifle folds up into its own stock and can be reassembled in minutes.  Couple this with the wide availability and low amount of space required for the ammo and you have the best...

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