• diy-emergency-solar-lights
    Make Your Own Emergency Lights from Solar Yard Lights

    Once again, Gaye Levy is back to share some of her homesteading wisdom. Today she’s teaching you how to make DIY emergency solar lights. Check out the tutorial below, and be sure to check out Backdoor Survival...

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  • solar power, solar energy, alternative energy, survival skills
    Solar Power: Energy Alternative

    Utilizing solar power is becoming the trend nowadays. Getting energy from the sun and eventually converting it to electricity is considered to be remarkable. This phenomenon provides a lot of advantages. Exploiting solar power and using it...

    • Posted 6 months ago
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    Solar Power | Innovative Use of Rooftop Real Estate

    Solar power and alternative energy have risen in popularity as the price of power rises. It is beyond imagination to think about the amount of empty rooftop real estate ready for use in this country and around...

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  • diy-solar-powered-air-cooler
    DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler

    With the blazing summer heat ahead, it is no question that this DIY solar powered air cooler should be your next project. This air cooler is great for home, the workplace, and camping. Heck, put one in...

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  • solar-weapons
    10 Deadly Solar Power Weapons

    When most people think of solar power, they imagine bright sunlight, clean air, and all of those warm, fuzzy feelings you get at the prospect of renewable energy. Others imagine ways to harness all of that radiating...

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  • DIY-Solar-Power
    DIY Solar Power Projects

    Solar power could be the answer to off the grid energy and a lower utility bill. Not to mention it helps shrink your carbon footprint when used correctly. Whether you’re interested in preparedness, efficiency, saving some money,...

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  • solar security
    Solar Energy: A Spotlight on Home Security

    Get Off the Grid: Solar-Powered Security Security is a major concern these days with the rise of crimes and burglaries committed by criminals who seize every opportunity they can get. But with most security devices running on...

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  • DIY Solar Power -Part 2

    Commentary:  Part two  of two on how to buy and install a solar array for your off grid power needs. This article is the second in a three-part series on off-grid survival using solar power. In the...

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  • DIY Solar Power -Part 1

    Commentary:  Part one of two on how to buy and install a solar array for your off grid power needs. Solar panels have been successfully used since the mid 1950s, originally used in manned space exploration. They...

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