• bugging out on the road
    Before Bugging Out-Three Things That Might Save Your Life

    Every time the topic of survivalism or preparedness comes up  it always seems like the first thing people want to jump to is a “bug out Scenario.”   But contrary to popular belief (as the media would have...

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  • Canning basics - The Equipment Essentials
    Home Canning Supplies – The Equipment Essentials

    Canning is a crucial part of homesteading; it’s the best way to preserve the bounty of the garden for enjoying throughout the rest of the year. Tomatoes, squash, beans and more will be pouring from your garden...

    • Posted 4 weeks ago
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  • street smart survival
    Six “Street Smart” Urban Survival Skills

    The term “Urban Survival” is bantered around a lot these days and can mean different things depending on the context in which it is written. To George at UrbanSurvival.com, it represents surviving the replay of the Great...

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  • Prepping 101 - Everyday Carry and the Get Home Gun
    Prepping 101 – Everyday Carry and the Get Home Gun

    Most of the work we do when prepping stays at home. But you may not be home when disaster strikes. What then? Now I must admit that I am a big fan of the .45 ACP and...

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  • post-collapse-america
    Post Collapse America – Making Our Founders Proud

    Prepping for a government or economic collapse may occupy so much of your attention that you forget to prepare for AFTER the crisis. Large economic and political shifts don’t last forever. And there will be a void to...

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  • trash-bags
    30 Uses For Trash Bags In Your Bug Out Bag

    Deciding how to spend available funds in the preparedness budget is not any easy task. Multi-use items are always a favorite of wallet-conscious preppers. Trash bags, even the brand-name sturdy ones definitely fall within the “reasonably priced”...

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  • mosquito-repellant
    Alternative Mosquito Repellants

    Everyone looks forward to summer, schools are out, long sunny days, vacations, barbecues with friends and family, but one thing no one looks forward to, are the mosquitoes. Relentless in their nature, mosquitoes will try to outsmart...

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  • 40-survival-life-hacks
    40 Crazy Survival Life Hacks | Survival Video Compilation

    Here at Survival Life, we love a good life hack. So when we found 40 of them, we were pretty pumped and decided we had to sure them with you. To top it all off, they’re compiled...

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  • emergency-preparedness-surviving-the-obvious
    Could You Survive The Obvious?

    Knowing what local threats are all around you is the most important step in your path toward emergency preparedness. This step requires some research and study, for the area immediately around your home or business, and for...

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