• emergency preparedness tips, disaster preparedness plan, pet first aid, and how to make a SHTF plan for your pets
    A SHTF Plan For Your Pets | Bugging Out With Man’s Best Friend

    A third of Americans own at least one pet. This is a testament to how popular domesticated animals are in this country. Pets play an important role in the home–they relieve stress, entertain and give joy to...

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  • how to build a bug out cabin, bug out shelter, and the best bug out gear for your survival shelter
    Bug Out Cabin Tips | How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shelter

    If you have the means and you are serious about having a good contingency plan when SHTF, then you should have your own bug out cabin or retreat. There may be a multitude of reasons for you...

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  • choose the right survival footwear
    Survival Footwear | How Important Are Shoes For Survival?

    In times of crisis, an individual can be moving or stationary. You may be walking long distances to get away from the threat, or maybe you are staying put maintaining your homestead. Everything has been prepared to...

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  • shooting with both eyes open, target shooting tips, how to shoot a gun, and handgun skills
    Tips for Shooting a Gun with Both Eyes Open

    Most of learned that shooting with one eye closed was the proper technique, and we have been doing it that way our whole lives. But have you ever tried shooting with both eyes open? When faced with...

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  • survival uses for super glue
    Super Glue: A Prepper’s Best Friend?

    Right after duct tape I would have to say that super glue is a man’s best friend (besides your dog that is).  Super glue, or Cyanoacrylate as it is properly named, is an incredibly diverse tool in...

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  • How to Safely Shelter in Place During a Pandemic | Emergency preparedness tips at survivallife.com #emergencypreparedness #disasterpreparedness #survival
    Shelter in Place | How to Stay Safe in a Pandemic

    In recent weeks, we have all been bombarded with mainstream news reports about the Ebola virus.  Most of those reports indicate that we have nothing to worry about.  Alas, as preppers and survival-types, we worry about pandemics...

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  • how to escape a sinking car
    Escape a Sinking Car: What To Do When You’re Submerged

    We’ve had a lot of flooding here in Texas due to the recent rains, and unfortunately there have been some deaths of people trapped in submerged vehicles. You may think it’s a situation that could never happen...

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  • red light for night vision
    Night Vision: The Case for Red at Night

    (Based on the book Power Out! How to Prepare for and Survive a Grid Collapse) Seeing at night can be a challenge. Moving about when it’s dark without disturbing sleeping people is a skill that can be...

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  • cooking without electricity
    Survival Cooking: No Electricity Needed

    Survival is about saving the lives of your family and loved ones as well as your own. We prepare for everything as best we can, but we never know what exactly the situation will be. We can only...

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