• Floods continue in Nigeria, Tensions mount

    Commentary: It is stories like these that show just how brutal the world can be. In times of peril, the predatory nature of man becomes enhanced and more pronounced. If preparedness to survive natural disasters is a...

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  • To Prep or Not to Prep – That Is the Question

    Commentary: The Jarhead Survivor is a man after my own heart! Like me he seems to have a certain distaste for the “doomsday” type prepper shows and the negative sensationalism that they bring.  By instead choosing to...

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  • Japan ready to share 3/11 disaster lessons

    Commentary: Tuesday, 10.9.2012,  Japan will be holding a two day conference about the terrible tsunami that struck  in march of last year.  They will have stories from survivors and also include the government  and world banks views...

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    Your phone is now smart enough to save your life.

    Commentary: A new mandate passed in June 2012  now allows the government to send localzied WEA messages ( Wireless Emergency Alert) directly to your smart phone. I was able to find several locations on AT&T ( see...

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  • Global Crisis Alert

    Don’t be limited  to knowing only the disasters that you are shown on the news.  This site keeps an up to date listing and location of all the current disasters ranging from hurricanes to hazardous material spills....

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