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    20 Items to Kick Start Your Food Storage Plan

    No matter how many times I write about food, there is always something new to consider or a new and different way to present the same old information in a more useful manner.  With that in mind,...

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  • Survivalist Food Supply Techniques Provided by SurvivalLife.com’s When the Food Runs Out

    Survivalist food supply items need to be gathered and stored in advance of any disaster, and the simple steps to get started are shared in SurvivalLife.com’s new Special Report “When the Food Runs Out: How to Choose...

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  • Emergency Food Advice Given in How to Cook and Store Food Outside

    Emergency food plans and supplies are important considering the impact a disaster or crisis can have on a community. Grocery store shelves will empty in a flash, and the common comforts of electricity and plumbing are ripped...

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    Reloading The Stockpile

    Your typical grocery store only has enough food for 72 hours, if you are lucky enough to even get there in time before they shelves are picked bare. Don’t wait to start stocking up on storable food...

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    Just how fresh are those eggs?

    Did you know that many of the eggs that you purchase by the dozen in your local grocery store are already weeks old before they hit the shelf?  It may seem odd to us in the U.S.,...

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  • Chest-Freezer
    When space is an issue, improvise.

    Creating hiding places for items can be a challenge especially if you don’t already have handyman skills and a large budget. Fortunately, there are some options that are easy to take advantage of a lot of cost...

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    Sneaky Storage Tricks

    Stock up on your toiletries and stack them in such a way that they make a wall inside the cabinet or under the sink.  Aside from having a large stock of Charmin and Ivory soap at your...

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  • Should you carry oatmeal in your survival kit?

    Commentary: A great article on  an often forgotten food staple that you should keep in  any of your survival rations. Food. It’s the first thing most people think about in a survival situation. “I’ve got to find...

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