• Schrade SCHF26 Knife Review
    Schrade SCHF26 Review: Schrade’s Hidden Gem

    For those of you familiar with Schrade knives you may have heard the buzz or recognize their beefy ultimate survival knife the SCHF9. I took out the SCHF9 for a review and brought along the SCHF26 as...

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  • emergency flashlight power
    Emergency Lighting | Flashlight Power

    Flashlight technology has come a long way since 1899 when British inventor David Misell obtained a U.S. Patent for an “electric device” using newly-invented “D-size dry cell” batteries. When he introduced the hand held light he initiated...

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  • how to make your own edc kit
    Create your own EDC Kit

    Life comes at you fast, and sometimes you won’t have the option of getting all of your gear together.  When this happens you just have to drop everything and go.  This can cause much unneeded stress but...

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  • Best survival tips
    Preppers Picks Issue #55 Top Survival Tips From Survival Life This Week

    Check out this weeks top Survival Tips, News Articles, And Product Reviews. Be sure to subscribe so that you can get these articles and so much more in your inbox first! Prepper’s Picks: Issue #55 Top Survival...

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  • medicinal plants
    30 Medicinal Plants That Could Save Your Life

    Living out in the wild, you’ll come across all kinds of medicinal plants and medicinal herbs that can be used for many different purposes, as long as you know where to look and how to use them. Many...

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  • coffee can survival kit for your car
    Coffee Can Survival Kit for Your Car

    Have you ever thought of of packing a coffee can survival kit? It has been said that there are more cars on the road than there are licensed drivers. We use them to go to work, bring...

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  • survival tips
    Preppers Picks Issue #54 Top Survival Tips From Survival Life This Week

    Prepper’s Picks: Issue #54 Top Survival Tips, Survival News, Gear Reviews And Articles This Week on Survival Life:   13 Common Household Items With “Sneaky” Survival Uses Whether you are experiencing a lengthy power outage, a natural disaster...

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  • riot-survival-tips
    Survival Skills |10 Tips To Help You Escape A Riot

    The display of people at their most vicious and greedy never fails to put me in a state of shock.  The fact that a riot will break out over something as trivial a video game or this...

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  • Knife Safety Tips
    The Cutting Edge | Everyday Knife Safety Tips

    My buddy Craig Caudill knows a thing or two about knives and today he’d like to share some of his everyday knife safety tips with us: It doesn’t matter if you camping, practicing bushcraft skills, or actually...

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