• survival tips
    Preppers Picks Issue #54 Top Survival Tips From Survival Life This Week

    Prepper’s Picks: Issue #54 Top Survival Tips, Survival News, Gear Reviews And Articles This Week on Survival Life:   13 Common Household Items With “Sneaky” Survival Uses Whether you are experiencing a lengthy power outage, a natural disaster...

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  • riot-survival-tips
    Survival Skills |10 Tips To Help You Escape A Riot

    The display of people at their most vicious and greedy never fails to put me in a state of shock.  The fact that a riot will break out over something as trivial a video game or this...

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  • Knife Safety Tips
    The Cutting Edge | Everyday Knife Safety Tips

    My buddy Craig Caudill knows a thing or two about knives and today he’d like to share some of his everyday knife safety tips with us: It doesn’t matter if you camping, practicing bushcraft skills, or actually...

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  • prepper expo
    Prepper Camp 2014 |Prepper Expo| Meet The Experts

    Prepper Camp will be held on September 12 through 14 in the hill country of Saluda, North Carolina. The prepper expo will of course offer plenty of the sit down, listen, and take notes style presentations now...

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  • Earthquake Safety Tips | How To Survive an Earthquake
    Earthquake Safety Tips | How To Survive In An Earthquake

    As you’ve probably heard by now, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Napa Valley, California in the early morning hours this past Sunday. Such an event should serve as a reminder that disaster can strike at any time,...

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  • Ferguson Riots | Street Thugs or Justified Protestors
    Missouri Protesters…Common Street Thugs or Justified Protestors?

    If you’ve seen the news at all in the last week, there is no way that you haven’t seen all of the stuff going down in Ferguson, MO.  My buddies over at www.absoluterights.com recently ran a poll...

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  • How To Make Waterproof Matches
    How to Make Homemade Waterproof Matches

    Whether you are getting ready for a weekend camping trip, a natural disaster, or the end of the world, you are going to need something to start a fire with. A fire starter is possibly the most...

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  • choosing a rifle
    22 Rifle or An Assault Rifle – Which One Is Best For You?

    Alright, you have made your mind up that it is time to get serious about “prepping” for times when the SHTF. You’ve seen all the nutty headlines of chaos around the world; you’ve watched as tens of...

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  • splitting hairs2
    Knife Sharpening 101

    Your knife is dull as a dog biscuit, huh?  And you want to do something about it, but don’t know where to start?  You have found the right article my friend.  Sharpening a knife is a lot...

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