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  • i mod cleaning system, weapons cleaning, weapons cleaning systems, survival gear reviews
    Product Review: The I MOD Weapons Cleaning System by Otis Technology

    Shooters of all types can agree: It is important to have a weapons cleaning system designed with the best tools and accessories as well as compactness and versatility in mind. Weapons cleaning systems are frequently purchased with...

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • procrastination, prepper, preppers, prepping, preparedness
    Procrastination: The Prepper’s Enemy

    As preppers, we can sometimes get a little too confident in our skills. We think that we are above making the same mistakes and pitfalls that are common in the everyday lives of others. But we all have our...

    • Posted 3 days ago
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  • immune system, survival, surviving an illness, disease, or infection
    The Importance of the Immune System for Survival

    The human immune system is an integral part of the body which functions significantly in keeping the body strong and healthy. Its basic role is to combat infection allowing the body to function normally. When bacteria or...

    • Posted 3 days ago
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  • food storage, food storage solutions, how to store food, small spaces
    Emergency Food Storage in Small Spaces

    Emergency food storage can be one of the biggest challenges of the prepper lifestyle. We know it is important to have food saved up for a SHTF scenario, but the reality is that sometimes we just don’t have...

    • Posted 4 days ago
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  • earthquake survival, survival tips, how to survive an earthquake, what to do in an earthquake
    Earthquake Survival Tips: Think You’re Safe? Think Again

    Earthquake survival might seem like a more specialized type of preparedness. For example, those on the West Coast of the United States are more likely to know what to do to survive an earthquake than people in...

    • Posted 1 week ago
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  • survival quiz, survival skills, survival knowledge, knowledge quiz
    Are you a True Survivalist? Take the Quiz to Find Out

    So you think you’re a real survivalist? Think you have what it takes to make it out in the wild? Take this quiz to find out! We’ll test your survival skills with a series of survival scenarios...

    • Posted 1 week ago
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  • power grid, power grid failure, power failure, off the grid, EMP
    Power Grid Failure: Will You Survive?

    One of the most common survival problems we all potentially face is a power grid failure. In just about any disaster, we can count on the power going out, at least on a local basis. For that matter,...

    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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  • handheld radio, mobile handheld radio, disaster communications, emergency communications
    How to Extend the Range on a Mobile Handheld Radio

    A handheld radio may be the only way to keep in touch with the rest of the world when a disaster strikes or when SHTF. In these situations, communication is tantamount to your survival. How to Extend the...

    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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  • water filter, survival water filter, diy projects, diy survival gear
    Make a DIY Survival Water Filter | Survival Tips

    A water filter plays an essential role in survival when you bug out or are caught in the wilderness. There is nothing more important than water. It’s one of the priorities when it comes to survival. Make a...

    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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