• Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive
    Martial Law: What You Need to Know to Survive

    How prepared are you for what will unfold when your hometown goes from Mayberry to fullscale Martial Law? With all the events going on in the world right now, we might be a lot closer to the...

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  • family preparedness, emergency preparedness, disaster preparedness, prepper lifestyle, survival life
    Family Preparedness: What Are Your Survival Principles?

    Last week, James “Dr. Prepper” Stevens shared with us his thoughts on creating a spiritual foundation for family preparedness. (Check out that article here.) This week, he’s back to give us some tips on forming the founding...

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  • shtf, international travel, disaster preparedness, traveling abroad, emergency preparedness
    SHTF and You’re in Another Country: What Do You Do?

    Most preppers have a SHTF plan for just about any disaster situation. Bugging out, bugging in, surviving in the city, the wilderness, drought, floods, hot or cold…we can adapt the situation because we’ve collected the right combination...

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  • terrorist attack, hostage situation, active shooter, survival skills
    Surviving a Hostage Situation or Terrorist Attack

    In the last two days, there have been a lot of headlines about hostage situations and terrorist attacks. Yesterday, a man claiming to be a member of the Islamic State held employees and patrons hostage in a...

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  • power outage, power grid failure, emergency preparedness, dealing with power outage
    The Emotional Effects of Power Outage

    There is a psychological effect on people that often occurs during extended power outages. As time passes without electricity, people who depend on their ability to communicate or move freely get agitated, worried, and sometimes panic. I...

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  • spiritual, spiritual preparedness, family survival plan, survival life
    Your Family Survival Plan | Spiritual Preparedness

    So you’ve heard the wake-up call and decided that it’s time to put together a family survival plan. Where do you start? Well, it’s like any good effort. You start with the intangible aspects first. You might...

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  • Prepping with EMP proof electronics
    EMP-Proof Electronics | What You Need To Know

    For many preppers, the threat of electromagnetic pulse (or EMP) is often at the front of their minds. In such an event, the power grid will fail and many of our devices will be useless. Only devices...

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  • surviving, survival, lone survival, group survival
    Surviving Alone: Is It Possible?

    Man is a social being, no man is an island… we hear these phrases so often in this life. There is no society more complex than that of humans because surviving is not only about preserving one’s...

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  • workplace emergency kit, survival kit, emergency survival kit, disaster preparedness kit
    Emergency Kits for the Workplace | Be Prepared Everywhere

    Most of us have at least one emergency kit, and many of us have more than one. Typically, people keep an emergency kit in their vehicle as well as one (ore more) in their home. But have...

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