• food-storage
    Emergency Food Storage Fails

    Unfortunately, many people waste both their time and money on avoidable mistakes in their emergency food storage.   And nothing will piss you off quicker than finding that your hard work has gone to waste due to...

    • Posted 12 months ago
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  • natural-disasters-list
    Natural Disasters Risk List | Worst Natural Disasters Locations

    Natural disasters can strike at any time. And as we’ve seen with coverage of recent natural disasters like the Oklahoma Tornadoes or Hurricane Sandy, they can cause huge devastation and  major chaos. Though we all try to prepare...

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  • Survival Tips from SurvivalLife.com’s Experts Revealed in New Home Survival Course

    Survival tips from the online prepper community SurvivalLife.com are being provided by the comprehensive new Home Survival Course, a must-have for preppers in 2013. Professional survivalists shared their experience and knowledge to help create the Home Survival...

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    Your phone is now smart enough to save your life.

    Commentary: A new mandate passed in June 2012  now allows the government to send localzied WEA messages ( Wireless Emergency Alert) directly to your smart phone. I was able to find several locations on AT&T ( see...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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  • Global Crisis Alert

    Don’t be limited  to knowing only the disasters that you are shown on the news.  This site keeps an up to date listing and location of all the current disasters ranging from hurricanes to hazardous material spills....

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