Survival Seeds Playing Cards

Survival Seeds Playing Cards



These aren't simply playing cards...they're a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use when you need to grow your own food to survive.

When disaster strikes, your food storage—grains, beans, rice, and MREs won't be enough to give you the nutrients you need to survive.

Without fresh vegetables and herbs, you won't get the vitamins you need. Protect your loved ones against vitamin deficiency, scurvy, and rickets because these afflictions will once again be epidemic.

To prevent these diseases you need fresh, renewable, live food, not just canned food, which lacks essential enzymes. Get your Survival Seed Cards while supplies last...

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Survival Seeds

  • They include all of the information you need to know about how to grow, harvest, and prepare 52 nutrient-rich vegetables and herbs from seeds. When the food supply chain is interrupted, you will be able to provide for your loved ones by growing your own nutrient-dense food. The information on these cards can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Their small size (poker size) and light weight (3 ounces) makes them highly portable so that you can have them with you in the garden letting you know exactly what you need to do to successfully sprout seeds - even seeds that are difficult to germinate.
  • The information contained on these cards is simple and clear, yet they contain everything you need to know to sprout and grow the vegetables you and your family need. An issue for new gardeners is information overload. These cards give you exactly what you need to know, and nothing else that would be confusing..
  • Not only do the cards tell you how to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, they also help you learn how to harvest and prepare them correctly so that you don’t lose precious calories and nutrients by harvesting too early or too late.  
  • The Survival Seeds Cards are inexpensive enough that you can buy several sets and have them to trade in times of need. These cards have lifesaving information on them that everyone needs. Use these cards to trade for necessities that you can't produce yourself.
  • These cards strike a perfect balance between the amount of information on each card and having a large enough text to actually be readable, so you'll be able to read them when you need the information most... Plus they make GREAT GIFTS!
  • Most importantly, when disaster strikes, you'll have your Survival Seeds Playing Cards to refer to with the information you need to ensure that your family has the nutrients and calories they need to survive.

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Survival Seeds Playing Cards Deck

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Disclaimer: These cards are provided for entertainment purposes for adults over the age of 21 only. You should never attempt any of the actions mentioned without the in-person aid and guidance of a qualified professional. Failure to do so could result in embarrassment, injury, death, imprisonment, or one of several other very bad outcomes to you or to others around you. The bearer of these cards accepts all responsibility for their use or misuse.