• How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube
    How to Build A Catfish Bait Chum Dispenser

    I spent many years out on Lake Sam Rayburn, in East Texas, Fishing with my Grampa, my Dad, and My uncle. We spent countless hours trolling and running trot lines. I couldn’t even tell you how many...

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  • emergency-preparedness
    A Catalyst For Survival

    In September 2005, my father was in a real estate agents office in Houston. It was a breathtakingly humid and hot day, but he was down to the last few signatures to finalize the loan on a...

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  • essential-first-aid-kit-items
    10 Common Household Items For Your First Aid Kit?

    There is no doubt about it,  a fully stocked and well supplied first aid kit is a must have.Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time…and this means that you could be left stranded, away from your own...

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  • best fishing knots
    How To Tie A Fishing Knot

    Growing up, I would walk down to the pond with my  Dad and my Papa.  We would post up on the edge of the pond with cane poles, tie on a line and use some of “Papa’s...

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  • brutus-1
    Say Hello To Brutus

    A Dog is man’s best friend, loyal, faithful, ever protective. Unfortunately you can’t always have Fido with you to protect you and your family. Until now… Say hello to Brutus. He might look cute and cuddly, but...

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  • Crime rates are increasing in the U.S.
    Crime Rates By City… How Safe Are You?

    It’s official folks. 2012 saw the first increase in crime rates since 2006. And if the stories on the news are any indication, 2013 wasn’t much better… We should know in just a few months when the...

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  • common diseases
    10 Diseases That Will Become Far More Common After The Collapse…

    We try to prepare for everything… Unfortunately there are some things that you can’t be fully prepared for. A little slip with a knife, a brief brush from an infected animal, or even something as small as...

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  • thermostat-feat
    All Full Of Hot Air!

    In the winter, we do everything we can to keep warm.  Bundling up, wearing extra socks, using space heaters etc. The most common thing to do however, is step up to your thermostat and click it up...

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  • Gerber Suspension Gets the Job Done

    While walking through  Wal-Mart, I managed to sneak away from my wife for a few minutes and head to the sports and outdoors section,  as I try to do any time I’m stuck in that store for...

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