Clean Camping Gear and Tips | Campsite Hygiene Hacks

By on May 12, 2014

Camping gear can really enhance your outdoor experience.

We’ve made a list of camping supplies that will help you combat the uncomfortable dirtiness that can come along with being off the grid.

Enjoy the outdoors even more with these hygiene hacks and camping tips to keep you and your campsite clean.

Use these tips as a clean camping checklist to stay happy, healthy, and hygienic even when you’re living off the grid.


Camping-Friendly Soap Pouch

Make this out of a wash cloth and a bar of soap for convenient campsite scrubbing.




DIY Hand Washing Station

This is a great and easy way to keep your hands clean while camping.




Coffee Can Toilet Paper Dispenser

Keep your TP clean and rolled up with this easy DIY.




Single Use Soap Shavings

Use a vegetable peeler to make these convenient pieces of soap for single usage.




DIY Camping Toilet

Assemble this toilet for when you’ll be far off the grid and have no access to restrooms.





Campfire Sage For Bug Repellant

Throw a bundle of sage in the fire to keep away those annoying bugs.




Soap and Medicine Straw Tubes

Make single use containers by filling straws and sealing them with a lighter.




Mobile Washing Machine

You could be gone for a while, so being able to get your clothes nice and clean would be a great asset to your camping gear.




Toothpaste Dots

Instead of carrying around tubes of toothpaste, crate these dried dots for lighter and less messy storage.




Shower Caddy Lanyard

No longer do you need a bulky caddy full of giant bottles. This handy shower caddy lightens your load when it’s shower time.


Camping Shower

Who knew a big jug and a plastic faucet could make such a handy camping shower? This shower is completely mobile, making for optimum convenience. Find the full instructions here.




Mobile Dish Wash Station

This station makes campsite meal clean up incredibly easy and convenient.


Collapsable Kitchen Sink

This sink brings the ultimate convenience of home to the camp site. You’ll wonder how you did dishes before you had it.




Shower Deck

No one really wants to stand on a dirty floor while they’re trying to get clean! Use this miniature deck to house your toiletries and then break it out for maximum camping shower sanitation.camping hacks


Want another great camping tool?

Make sure you always have a campfire with a free* Ever Stryke permanent match! Click here to get yours while supplies last: *$2.95 s/h not included*


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