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7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home

By on March 11, 2014

Want to make some awesome homemade weapons?

In a SHTF situation, you’re likely going to need a way to protect yourself.

Weapons, though very useful, are also a lot of fun, especially when you can make them yourself.

With a multitude of DIY weapon techniques mastered and under your belt, you will never be without the ability to be armed or entertained.

Check out our step by step instructions for 7 badass weapons you can make at home.

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Click the links for full instructions!

How to Make 7 Badass Weapons

1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow



This instructional video shows step by step how to make a compound bow from inexpensive, readily available materials. Anyone can do it if you have some patience and are willing to try. This is a good project for anyone who wants to get into archery with a compound bow but doesn’t want to pay for such an expensive item. Or you could just make it to learn about how these types of bows work and gain experience working with this sort of thing.

PVC Pipe Compound Bow Instruction Video


2. Mini Cannon



This is how to make a mini combustion cannon sized to fire airsoft pellets. The only materials required are a BBQ lighter, a few screws, epoxy or other strong glue, and a drill.

Mini Cannon Instructional Video


3. Stun Grenade



With simple PVC pipe and baking soda and vinegar, these relatively harmless grenades are cheap and safe to use. These grenades are less for physical harm and more for their startling ability. There are additional instructions on How To Make A Pressure Cannon to fire these grenades out of.


4. Pump Action Rocket Gun



This inexpensive gun is a fun project and a cool item to have around. The DIY is very simple and relatively cheap as well.  The entire project, including a bunch of ammo, could easily be made for around $20.

Pump Action Rocket Gun


5. Mini Stun Gun



This is a really easy project which anyone with a little soldering skills can make.  All you really need is a continuous piezo electric sparker, a lighter that takes a battery.  These are used to light gas BBQ’s, heaters, etc.


6. Primitive Club Tool



If stuck in the wilderness with limited resources, knowing how to make this tool could come in handy. This simple technique will quickly transform a few items into a very useful weapon and tool.


7. Pocket Dart Gun



This easy DIY will allow you to shoot your own darts out of a syringe. It won’t work for very long distances or with a huge amount of accuracy, but if your need a dart gun in a pinch it will get the job done!

Do you want to know how to make your own arsenal of homemade weapons?

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Want to know more about homemade weapons? Check out How To Use Improvised Weapons!

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  3. TripodXL

    Well, All I can say is that if you have to make these things to have weapons; one, you live in the northeast or the left coast, and two you’re screwed. Now, having said that, everyone SHOULD have the knowledge of how to build these things. So from that POV, I see the point, but otherwise, you should live somewhere you can have these weapons to begin with. IMO, be well.

    • Dallas Burnworth

      True, but the Left Coast will be the first to revolt over the northeast. Lots of libtards over here, but we all need our space. We can’t go any further West! The Northwest especially is a distillation of polar opposites where there are high amounts of extreme socialists living among an almost equal number of fearless conservatives. Who will win?

  4. don


  5. Richard W. Gibson

    I always receive some of the best info. Thank you survival life.

    • Stephanie


  6. Phil

    The only three things on this list that were actually weapons were the bow, the stun gun and the club. The rocket gun was cool, and I certainly wouldn’t want to get shot by it, but I highly doubt that it would make an effective anti-personnel weapon unless you gave the rockets some kinda warhead. And even then they don’t look big enough to carry a substantial load and still remain accurate over any real distance.
    The others were more like science projects. Maybe I’ll help my niece make the mini-cannon for her science fair.

    • I agree with you. I liked the bow, the rocket gun is cool, if the rockets were made better and a sharp point or maybe and arrowhead.

  7. aaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeesum and cool

  8. Lori Linde

    Wish you guys would put up written instructions as well as videos. May need these instructions when TSHTF.

    • Lee

      These look like fun projects!

    • Lee

      I agree with Lori L.

  9. Old camper and Camp counsellor.

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  11. Al Digaetano

    Always very helpfull

  12. Retired Engineer

    Meh! You want useful weapons? Here you go: #1. Get a cheap 8″ to 12″ chef’s knife and a length of PVC pipe that the handle of the knife will fit into. Inset the handle into the pipe. Secure by drilling a hole through both and fix with a bolt, 2 washers & a nut.
    To make a tiger spear (prevents large animals from running up the shaft), use a 4 way coupler and insert the knife in the end and two 6″ pieces of PVC in the 90 degree openings. Glue with PVC glue.

    #2. Blowgun. Find narrow diameter PVC or other stiff plastic pipe, cut to between 4′ and 8′ depending on stiffness. Darts: Buy bamboo skewers (usually in 50 or 100 pack). Sharpen the points with fine sandpaper and then make the “fletching” from cotton balls. Secure with a dab of white glue. Better darts: purchase large sewing needles, about 4″ or longer. Break the eye with a needle nose pliers and create the fletching as above; the broken eye will hold the fletching better than an unbroken one.

    Both darts will take small birds and vermin, almost silently.

    • Retired Engineer

      Roll the fletching on so it looks like the end of a Q-tip. Not too hard and not too soft. Only have a little glue at the end that goes toward the point of the dart.

    • matt

      Hell I’ll do that to. I’ve got time on my hands…lol

  13. curtis berns

    always learn something every time i am here thanks

  14. matt

    I love these weapons. They’re awesome. I live in Az. MAYBE THE SUN GOT TO ME BUT i’M GONNA BUILD A FEW. I don’t really need them. But the knowledge to do so is preferable.



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  20. Seriously??? LMAO!!!!

  21. Greg

    yes take two wooden drumsticks, and nylon packing tape and tape both sticks together, begin around then bottom (make sure they’re even) keep the tips of the sticks exposed, but tape the opposite end, begin with a 10″ strip of tape and start two inches from one side, then lap over the bottom of the sticks and continue until one inch below the tip, then do the same but on the opposite side. then take a 6″ strip and tape around the middle, then tape another about one inch below the tip.
    After that’s done file the ends of the tip to a point. There you have it!

    Very useful for wielding in a fight, and using the ends to jab.

  22. TIM


  23. TIM


. .