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Survival Business Card Tool Functions






  • holger Latt says:

    I do not see any instruction on how to operate # 9, water compass indicator. Please send me instruction on how to figure compass heading using # 9. thank you, H. Latt, USA, retired

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hi Holger,

      the instructions were in the initial review that I did on the Survival Business Card.

      Check it out below:

      Function # 9 on the tool: The Direction Ancillary Indicator- is a fancy way of saying “makeshift compass”.

      The trick to getting it to work is really neat:

      1. Place the tool on a flat surface on the sleeve that it comes with.

      2.Place a couple drops of water in the Orientation Direction Indicator to make level with the surface of the tool.

      3.Place a magnetized sliver of wire slowly on the water or on a small leaf if it won’t float on its own.( If you don’t have a magnet you can rub the wire on a piece of silk or even use your hair in a pinch)

      4. Watch-It should slowly align North/South.

  • Chad Solomon says:

    I ordered one and never received it but y’all got money from my debit card…..what is gonna be done

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hey Chad,

      I let my customer care team know about this and you should be getting contacted by them shortly via email. Thanks for your patience!

  • Mag says:

    I purchased several Cards and I am excited about giving them to my family. I was won over by the short video instruction that was playing when I ordered the Survival Business Card Tools. I have tried to resurface the instruction video which demonstrated everything so well, but can’t find it again. I also spoke with your customer service department and they can’t find it. Could you help me find it, preferably without the cost listed, so that I can give that info for viewing when I give the tool as a gift? h anks!

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