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New Gear From The Expo

By on April 29, 2013

I got back from the Self Reliance Expo a little later than I had intended so I haven’t had a chance to review any of the gear that I picked up while I was there.

The Expo was a great experience ( much better than last years) and I had one of those fantastic “small world” experiences that are becoming exceedingly rare finds these days.

I spoke with a man at the expo who will soon be a guest contributor with us here and after about a half an hour I found out that I actually went to school with his wife.

Not only did we go to school together, but we lived down the street from each other and actually shared the same bus stop!

Aside from that, The Expo as a whole, while small, was a great experience.

Now, like I said, I got back later than intended and haven’t had a chance to review anything yet, but I did want to show you what to expect coming up in the next few weeks:

5 Minute Meals:  Chef made long term foods, read in 5 minutes with everything you need inside the package


Deadwood Stove:  Made by hand in the USA, I cant wait to test out this rocket stove


Magnesium fire starter:  This is the first Magnesium and ferro rod combo I have seen that lets you use the handle as tinder in a pinch.


UV Paqlite:  I have seen and used glow sticks before, but this one was so bright that I had to put it in a drawer just to get some sleep in my hotel room.


This is just a quick sampling of what I will be reviewing and I can’t wait to get started.

Quick question for you…

If I were to put together a Survival Life Expo, would you be interested in coming?

This is something that I have really been thinking about and I want to know if it would be worth the time to put one on.

Let me know in the comments below!

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'Above Average' Joe

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I am just an average guy with a passion for learning. I am excited to share the things I learn with you but I am most interested in learning from you. Survival Life is more than just one man. It is a growing and living community of individuals; all with the desire to be prepared to survive and thrive no matter what this world throws at us. I look forward to growing with you! Feel free to follow me on google+

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  1. ted dura

    yes, would attend was hoping for another in colo spngs??

    thx ted

    • Don

      Ya I’m always looking for new stuff

    • AL

      I’d love to go to one but live in Florida doesn’t seem to be any near enough to drive to and I will not fly but if near I’d go in a heart beat.

  2. Dennis Greer

    I would come to your expo if it weren’t too far from where I live and could drive there. I don’t like flying.

  3. It would have to be close enough to attend. I am in Pittsburgh. We never get anything that I want to go to here. If you did one here I would attend.
    Al Eisen

  4. John

    I would be interested if the expo if it was within reasonable driving distance of the New England states!

  5. Dale Brantley

    I live in Louisiana, would definitely be interested. Traveling is difficult on fixed income.

  6. Doug

    I’d be interested if it was in the Arkansas area…

  7. Derric

    I would absolutely go, I have lots of time since unemployed but that limits travel distance. I live in Denver and would even volunteer to assist if needed.

  8. Sandi

    Yes. We (friends and family) would really like to attend if it were held in the Boise area in Idaho.

  9. Loa Andersen

    I would love to attend….if it was in either Washington or Oregon. I’m willing to drive up to 100 miles. Thanks!

  10. I would love to attend one in the Carolinas.

  11. Vanessa Justice

    Yes… in the Hopewell VA area… probably Richmond would be one of the bigger areas, but it would be great to be in the TriCities right next to Ft. Lee.

  12. Kenny Stites

    I would be interested, but live in North Texas. What would be the possibility of doing it on line? Then none of us would have to drive or fly. Just add a box beside each item you show to order. Thanks for all i have learned with your surviral life.

  13. Barry

    The “Deadwood” stove is great. I’ve had mine for about 1 1/2 years. I’ve used it camping, heating wax at home, and numerous other chores when need of heating something outside the house. If there are trees around, there always fuel for the Deadwood stove.

  14. welove2go

    Texas Gulf Coast or Central Texas would be great!

  15. Diane

    I was at the expo on Saturday. It was very educational. Were you an exhibitor or a visitor? I was impressed with the UV glow light too.

    • Joe


      Hey Diane, I was there as a visitor :) Did you go inside the tent and watch the Demo on the Glow light?

      • Diane

        Yes, the demo was impressive. Didn’t buy one though, maybe later.

  16. Lori

    I would love to go to something like this.. I live in Illinois though. But if there was an expo and so many are wanting to go but live at great distances, maybe a bus could be rented and we could have pick up locations along the way there. Places right off the interstate. Something to think about.. But YES I would be really interested.

  17. Fred

    I would attend if it was close. I live in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit would also be OK.

  18. Kenneth Youker

    I would love to go to something like that, but like others I can`t drive far cause of MS. One fella had a good idea about doing one online. I would miss out on some great people but there has to be a trade off for me somewhere most times. :)

    Great day and Gods Grace to All

  19. Pauline Boytim

    I’d love to attend such an Expo. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.

  20. I would love to go to one but We live in western N.C. if it was with in driving distance. if you gear up for one keep us posted as to where it will be, if it was close I might be interested in helping in some way. thanks.

  21. Len

    Seems like the idea of having it online is the only way to please everyone and make it available for literally everyone on your email list! You’d be able to reach MANY more people than at any Expo in any particular city. Great concept!


  23. Cal

    Went to the Expo last year. Got some great insights. Met Jackie Clay. She has a great series of self reliance books on canning, gardening, etc. Bought a sun oven there last year as well and wife and I have cooked lots of great dishes in it. Would attend if in the central Tx area.

  24. Wally

    San Antonio east to New Orleans, Corpus north to Dallas would be a good area drive wise for me. Also, depends on work load. But definitely interested.

  25. Robert

    If there was an expo in northern Ohio I’m sure we would pack the place.

  26. Joe

    Yes, I’d love to! I’m in Connecticut so for me, having one within a 100 mile radius or so would be great. There’s got to be lots of us in New England that would attend.

  27. Lyndelle Ballard

    Would love to see one in Austin, Tx. Would be willing to drive to a few other locations, but central Tx would be best.

  28. Rol

    I would go in a heartbeat if it were in the Salt Lake City area.

  29. Darrell

    In north east Ohio and I would definitely go


  31. YES, as long it was in S. CA. & be affordable! I’m disabled!on a strict budget! thanks for your help!

    • Diana Long

      Would love to attend an expo. I live in Kansas and attended the expo in Dallas last summer. My friends and I were there for the Glenn Beck Restoring Love event. We didn’t know ahead of time about the expo. When we found out we were excited to go and ended up spending a considerably amount of money. We bought sun ovens, generators, food storage etc. looking forward to going to another one

  32. John & Janet

    We will definitely attend! You name the place and we will see you there — even if we have to walk. :-) For those who can’t travel far from home, will you have videos for most of the major offerings?

  33. Swabbie

    Great site! I would come to your event!

  34. Eddy

    Yes, I would attend if it was some where near the west coast.

  35. rene

    Live in southwest florida, would love to go to one close by

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