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Preppers Now Have a Place to Turn When Gearing Up and Planning

By on March 15, 2013

Preppers need to know they are doing everything they can to fully prepare for a disaster. Survival Life, the growing online community for practical preppers, is providing help with the Prepper’s Playbook, a full scale guide for ultimate readiness.

As recently as last year, an Adelphi University Center poll found that 55% of Americans are counting on the government to come to their rescue in a disaster. Another 53% claim they have merely three days of non-perishable food in their homes at any given time, and yet believe they can survive for weeks if needed.

The truth is, it took FEMA weeks to give help to victims of super storm Sandy, and even longer for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Some people in this country have forgotten what self-reliance means, and it’s becoming an epidemic many can’t afford to be stricken with.

Survival Life is encouraging the older generations, those who are familiar with self-reliance and true hard work, to serve as role models for their children and loved ones. Proper preparation techniques can be passed down through families, and pride should be taken in ultimate readiness.

In reality, no one knows what ultimate readiness looks like, because it’s different for every family. The sheer volume of information and supplies that are recommended to become fully prepared in today’s world is completely overwhelming. The Prepper’s Playbook will put everything into perspective, and help anyone master a plan for keeping themselves and their loved ones safe.

Establishing a plan and making sure food, water, shelter, and more is taken care of is the only true way to be referred to as a prepper. Survival Life knows how important it is to have this information, which is why they are offering Prepper’s Playbook as a guide for everyone. Learn what it takes to be one of America’s ultimate preppers by accessing the report today.

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